On Tuesday the 21st of November, SAPS launched an initiative in conjunction with Plumstead SSP’s (Security Service Providers) and PNW (Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch), named “Operation Dirt Bin Recyclers”

Modus Operandi is to have each recycler in Plumstead vetted by SAPS that they do not have any criminal record and / or any outstanding warrents.

Once vetted, each recycler is issued with an identifiable bib, name tag, and ID photo.
This will allow them unfrettted access in Plumstead to recycle all packaging discarded into Dirtbins by Plumstead Residents.

The project is envisaged to be completed by the end of January 2024 due to the festive season upon us and the added spike in call outs by Diepriver SAPS

BY January 2024, each recycler will be issued with a standard recycling trolley

Bin pickers who do not have a Bib, Identity Tag and specially designed trolley will be instructed by SAPS, Law Enforcement, SSP’s and PNW Patrollers to imediately leave the Plumstead area.

The aim and objective of this initiative is to expunge the criminal opportunist who hides behind the mask of being genuine and long serving recyclers in Plumstead.

Once again, SAPS, Law Enforcement, SSP’s and Plumstead Neighborhood Watch working to keep our community safer.

Warm wishes


Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch

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