CVIC, the Constantia Valley Information Centre, is a community-based security initiative that coordinates and supports all the security role players in our valley. We work closely with security service providers (SSPs), SAPS, Law Enforcement (LE), 11 local Neighbourhood Watches, and emergency services to keep our valley safe and secure, from the mountain to the M5 freeway, from Wynberg to Westlake.

We are not a security company. We are a community platform that was established to enhance and streamline the security efforts in our area. We use state-of-the-art technology, such as surveillance cameras, number plate recognition software and community radios, to monitor and respond to incidents in the valley. We have a team of dedicated and professional staff who work around the clock to receive and dispatch calls, alerts and information from residents, patrollers, SSPs, SAPS, LE and other stakeholders. We also have a team of IT specialists who ensure that our technical operations and network needs are up to date and reliable. Our full time radio control room operators are fully funded by Fidelity ADT. All the other costs are covered by some residents and businesses of the various Neighbourhood Watches.

Our vision is to make our valley a safer place for everyone who lives, works, plays and visits here. Our mission is to prevent and reduce crime by providing effective communication, coordination, visibility and collaboration among all the security role players in the valley.

We rely on the support and contributions of our residents and businesses, through their Neighbourhood Watches, to sustain and improve our operations. By contributing to your Neighbourhood Watch, who in turn support and rely on CVIC, you are not only helping us to pay for our operational costs, but also enabling us to invest in more technology, equipment and staff to boost our safety and security capabilities. Contributors understand how absolutely critical this platform is to our collective safety. Without it we would be relying on the national emergency platform 10111 only.

We invite you to join us in making our valley a safer place for everyone. You can contribute by signing up for a monthly debit order or making a once-off annual donation through/to your Neighbourhood Watch. You can also get involved by joining your Neighbourhood Watch, becoming a volunteer patroller and/or radio holder, or reporting any suspicious activities or incidents to us. To find out which Neighbourhood Watch your home falls within then click on one of the links above.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!

The CVWA – Constantia Valley Watches – is a network of like minded Neighbourhood Watches that share the same vision and mission and collectively share information, ideas, and use resources such as the community radio and Licence Plate Recognition camera systems which go through CVIC. Neighbourhood Watches include – BKM, Constantia, Constantia Hills, Kirstenhof, Meadows, Nova Constantia, PHEW, Plumstead, Southfield, Tokai and Wynberg.

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