The Constantia Valley Information Centre – fondly known as CVIC – 086 000 2669 – available to take your call 365/24/7.

A holistic overview and the workings of the Constantia Valley Information Centre (CVIC).

BKM Watch, Constantia NW, Constantia Hills NW, Kirstenhof NW, Nova Constantia NW, Plumstead Watch, Southfield Watch, Tokai NW and PHEW NW joined hands to create the Constantia Valley Watches. Invited to participate and be part of it are Meadows and Wynberg NWs.

With the ongoing support from Fidelity ADT, the Constantia Valley Information Centre (CVIC) was established in the Constantia Valley. Fidelity ADT have provided the controllers to man the 24/7 community radio. The LPR (licence plate recognition) camera controllers, 24/7, supplied by Verifier at cost (no markup) and are paid for proportionally by each participating NW based on the number of LPR cameras in their footprint area.

Constantia Community Police Sub-Forum pays for the CVIC community radio network which is utilized by volunteer resident patrollers from all neighborhood watches across the valley, 8 different security service providers, several guarding companies, tow truck companies, shopping malls, residential estates and by committed members of the 3 police stations being Diepriver, Kirstenhof and Wynberg, as well as local Cape Town City Law Enforcement Auxiliaries. This provides for effective, fast and cohesive responses from relevant role players.

This localized community hub (CVIC) provides a real sense of local effectiveness. Reports can be made to the number 086 000 2669, for anything ranging from suspicious activity; criminal incidents; burst water pipes; accidents; power failures, snakes, medical, missing persons, lost pets and more. The controllers will then activate the relevant role players to deal with the specific issue reported and verified.

Participating NWs have already raised and spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of rands on the implementation of the LPR (licence plate recognition) cameras and the CVIC Control Room – with additional camera points being added as further funds are raised. The CVIC area covers approximately 33 000 properties and is already proving to be a solid working model of community co-operation.

Each NW operates autonomously, however all share the same common values and goals. A few local businesses contribute to some of the operational and running costs of the community control room.

Did you also know that?

  • CVIC has direct lines of communications with all local SAPS stations
  • CVIC has direct lines of communication with the SAPS Flying Squad
  • CVIC has direct radio communication with the City Traffic Management and Disaster Management Centre in Goodwood
  • CVIC is manned 24/7 by trained, experienced and PSIRA registered controllers
  • CVIC communicates and shares/receives criminal related information from many other areas across the country, especially those in the Western Cape
  • The CVIC has been approved by SAPS who maintain oversight over its workings.

When you call CVIC everyone is alerted and the closest available responder to your location will come to your aid, even if you’re stuck on the freeway at night. You should be a member of your local Neighbourhood Watch to call! Phone CVIC today to find out how to join this winning team.


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