Street Robbery Awareness

With more child minders and domestic staff returning to work there is an increase in opportunities for street robberies. As an employer please remind your staff of the following: 1.…

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OFFICE OF THE STATION COMMANDER: DIEP RIVER SAPS 22nd October 2019 FESTIVE SEASON SAFETY AWARENESS TIPS DIEP RIVER– As we are fast approaching the festive season, Diep River SAPS would…


Important numbers

Western Cape Police Stations Contact Numbers:  POLICE 086 00 10111 ATHLONE 021 697 9200 ATLANTIS 021 571 8515 BELHAR SAT 021 953 8100 BELLVILE 021 918 3000 BELLVILLE SOUTH 021…

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Understanding and Preventing House Burglary in South Africa

A study by Professor Zinn* makes interesting and useful reading in terms of the way South African criminals set about planning and executing a domestic burglary.

Prof. Zinn interviewed 30 convicted and incarcerated criminals with a series of 116 structured and open ended questions in the hope that the information could be used by both the police and home owners in the prevention of crime.

It’s suggested that these findings are viewed as insights into criminal behavior but that the individual homeowner then applies the findings to their own special circumstances.


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Cell phone stolen or lost?

In the past few months there have been quite a few break-ins and robberies. Among the items stolen are electronic items such as cell phones, iPads, laptops and desktop pc’s. Fortunately for us as residents we are able to track certain items using the software provided (Provided you activate this software) by several manufacturers. This means that you can possibly retrieve items such as Blackberry Cell phones, iPhones, Macbook’s, iMac’s, iPad’s, Samsung and more. (more…)

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