Why is it important to be a member of your local NW?

If your area has a neighbourhood watch and you are thinking about joining, here are five reasons we think that it’s an excellent idea…

1. Become part of the solution

Simply worrying about your community’s crime problem isn’t going to help, joining your local neighbourhood watch is the first step to becoming part of the solution. The more people there are to fight for the cause, the greater the impact, and the less the crime. Whether you are a patroller, or simply function as the eyes and ears of your immediate surrounds – every member counts.

2. Inspire others

It’s extremely inspiring seeing others involved in something that does so much good and takes a stand against crime. Being an active member of your neighbourhood watch brings about a great sense of pride, accomplishment and community – indeed a recipe for inspiration.

3. Personal growth – Improve skills

A neighbourhood watch organisation needs more than just patrollers, which means your involvement can improve personal skills you are wanting to work on. Projects that can always use an extra pair of hands include sponsorship, finances, event planning, project management, written communication and social media management. Being a part of your neighbourhood watch will not only benefit your community and boost your personal growth, but will look great on your CV too.

4. Knowledge is power

A neighbourhood watch organisation is extremely well connected, listening to the area’s residents and the local police. Information fed from these sources means the watch is able to keep its members up to date with the latest crime trends. The more residents know about what criminals are up to, the easier it is for them to take precautions and know what to do in the event of a break-in. As a neighbourhood watch member, you’ll have access to this information and will be able to share it with friends and family.

5. Make friends

When a group of people who believe in the same cause get together there’s bound to be friendships formed, and who better to befriend than your neighbours.

Your neighbourhood watch is passionate about building a safe and caring community and your time and membership will truly make a difference to both your life and the lives of those who live in your neighbourhood.

We always encourage members to become more involved and encourage others to join. We’re constantly looking for more patrollers and more financial members.

With thanks to PNW for the above.