Weekly crime wrap, SAPS DiepRiver


Western Cape:   On 2017/06/09 at 21.50 the complainant parked his vehicle in the driveway of his residence and closed the front gate of his property in Trentham Road, Plumstead. Upon closing the gate the complainant noticed a dark coloured vehicle, registration number unknown, parked close to his gate. The complainant was approached by three unknown black males, of which two of the suspects were carrying firearms. The complainant was ordered to open his home. The complainant responded by saying that he could not open the door, and told the suspects that they could take his vehicle, and handed the suspects his vehicle key and his grey I Phone 6. One of the suspects walked to the house door and tried to open it but it was locked. The suspects then climbed into their vehicle and left the scene of crime. No arrests have yet been made. Any person with any information can contact Detective Sergeant Arnold Bosch on (021) 7107360.

On 2017/06/13 at 11.55 the complainant arrived at his place of residence in Ferguson Road, Plumstead. Upon arriving home the complainant noticed a coloured male in his garage. Once the suspect realised the complainant had arrived home and had seen him, the suspect tried to flee by jumping over the neighbour’s fence. The suspect was later apprehended by members of the public, and identified by the complainant. The suspect, a coloured male residing in Vahalla Park was arrested and charged with Burglary Residential. The case is currently under investigation.

On 2017/06/14 at 08.50 the complainant left home in Avenue Dumidi in Plumstead, and when she returned she found that the house had been broken into. Entry was gained by breaking the front door open with a blunt object. Upon investigation the complainant noticed a gold watch, pair of shoes and a LG DVD was missing, value unknown.  Five black in colour suspects residing in the Philippi and Nyanga precinct were later found by Wynberg Police members, in the Wynberg Area, in possession of items matching the description, of the items stolen in Diep River precinct. The five suspects were arrested and charged with Burglary Residential at Diep River Police Station. The case is currently under investigation.

For the week 2017/06/09 till 2017/06/16, (17) persons were arrested for various offences on charges ranging from Possession of stolen goods, possession of drugs, assault, housebreaking and theft, drunk and driving, theft and Attempted Rape.

This office wishes to pass on gratitude to all members, Reservists and external partners, such as the Neighbourhood Watches, Law Enforcement, Security providers for their dedication and role in the fight against crime, your hard work has not gone unnoticed.


Sergeant AB Gordon

SAPS Diep River – Corporate Communication

Contact number: 021 710 7309 / Fax2e-mail: 086 481 1679 / 086 774 6441

E-mail : diepriversaps@saps.gov.za

Footnote from CVWA:

Our sincerest thanks and appreciation is extended to all dedicated SAPS and Law Enforcement members, security companies, volunteer NW patrollers plus reservists (SAPS and LE).

VERY importantly to the residents who HAVE and continue to contribute to our ongoing LPR (licence plate recognition) systems, maintenance and operational costs – THANK YOU for your foresight, wisdom and community spirit.

Just a few examples of recent successes:

Sunday 18/06/2017 – stolen hijacked MV triggers systems – MV observed until Ladies Mile where suspects hit the curb. 4 suspects arrested by SAPS – car recovered plus a replica firearm found in the car.

Monday 19/06/2017  – suspect crowbar modus persons in a vehicle with false plates – found and observed until marked SAPS and Law Enforcement vehicles could assist – after an accident on Main Road Diepriver (no injuries) – 4 suspects arrested with house break-in tools, crowbar, gloves, and a stolen firearm found in the vehicle.

For the year to date our LPRCLOUDSA systems have resulted in over 209 vehicle stops, and put close to 200 suspects in handcuffs and jail. This is remarkable and we can only but ponder what would have been WITHOUT our LPR systems and dedicated responders from across the spectrum.

A special thank you to our radio and LPR controllers at CVIC – community control room.