Weekly crime wrap, SAPS Diepriver

Immediate Media Release – Date:2017/08/07

Weekly crime wrap, Diepriver

Western Cape: On 2017/07/29 at 21.30 the complainant who resides in Knutsford Road, Plumstead, heard someone at the door and went to investigate. The door was broke open and four unknown persons wearing balaclavas entered. One of the suspects took the complainants wallet which contained approximately R2500.00. Complainant cannot identify suspects as they were wearing balaclavas and gloves. Case is currently under investigation. Any person with any information can contact the Investigating Officer Detective Constable Ivan Sonnenberg on (021) 710 7347.

On 2017/08/05 at 21.30 the complainant was at his place of business, the Central Café, in Southfield area, when two unknown males entered the shop. One of the suspects had a firearm in his possession and wore a blue beanie covering his face. The suspects ordered the complainant to lie down, after cocking his firearm, thereafter took the complainants cell phone and approximately R3000.00 cash from his pocket. The suspects went behind the counter and took in their possession an undisclosed amount of the money that was underneath the counter, and in the till. The suspects also took cartons of cigarettes, and robbed three other males, that were patrons in the shop at the time, of their belongings. The case is currently under investigation. Any person with any information can contact Detective Sergeant Mxwamadoda Jack on (021) 710 7353.

On 2017/08/05 a cluster operation was held from 10.00 till 17.00, in which patrols were conducted in Diep River, Kirstenhof and Wynberg precincts. The operation consisted of four SAPS Members, nine Law Enforcement Members, sixteen Neighbourhood Watch Members and six Security Members. Two VCP’S (vehicle check point) were held. 158 motor vehicles stopped, twelve fines amounting to R15 000.00 were issued. 39 persons were Maxid (system to verify if a person has a warrant of arrest on his/her name) all were negative. Two arrest were made, one for trespassing the other for Shoplifting, both are Kirstenhof cases. Five vehicles were stopped due to LPR alerts, all occupants were profiled and one suspect was detained in Stellenbosch. The Operation was a great success. The visibility of the members was a deterrent for would be criminals, to commit a crime.

From 2017/07/28 till 2017/08/05 eight persons were arrested at this office for charges ranging from reckless and negligent driving, drunk and driving, assault, hijacking, possession of stolen motor vehicle and housebreaking and theft.

This office wishes to thank all Members, Reservists and external partners, such as Neighbour Watches, Law Enforcement, Traffic and Security providers for their contribution and dedication in the fight against crime.  Any criminal activities will not be tolerated.




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