Weekly Crime Wrap – SAPS Diepriver

Date: 2017/07/04 –  Weekly crime wrap, Diepriver

Western Cape: On 2017/06/25 at 02.05, the complainant and his friend arrive at his residence in Topsham Road, Plumstead. The complainant parked his vehicle a red Polo Vivo, in front of his gate. As the complainant and his friend were entering his home, the complainant noticed a white Jetta, stop in front of his vehicle. Three unknown Males, approached the complainant, and pointed silver in colour pistol at his head. One of the suspects was in possession of a knife, and demanded all items in the complainant’s possession. The complainant complied and handed over an IPhone and the Motor Vehicles keys. The suspects thereafter fled the scene in both vehicles. No injuries were sustained. A case of Carjacking has been opened at Diep River Police and is currently under investigation. Two coloured suspects have been arrested, both residing in Mitchells Plain area, after one of the suspects were found in possession of the white Jetta that was used in the commission of the crime. The polo was recovered, abandoned in Khayelitsha area. Any person with any further information can contact Detective Sergeant Shaun Lawrence on (021) 710 7351.

On 2017/06/28 at 06.20, the complainant and a friend were sitting in his vehicle, in Tobruk Road, Plumstead. Two unknown coloured males climbed in the complainant’s car and threatened them with knives, robbing the complainant and his friend of their possessions, two cell phones and a back pack. Once the suspects climbed out the Motor Vehicle the complainant contacted Diep River Police. The police went to a house that was pointed out by the complainant and found the suspects still in possession of the complainant’s property, which the complainant identified. Both suspects, residing in Wynberg Area were arrested at Diep River Police on the charge of Robbery with other weapon. Case is currently under investigation. Any person with any information can contact Detective Constable Elrico Booysen on (021) 710 7359.

For the week 2017/06/23 till 2017/06/30, twenty five persons were arrested on various charges such as Robbery, Theft, Assault, House Robbery, Hi jacking, Fraud and possession of stolen property.  


Date: 2017-06-26  –  Weekly crime wrap , DiepRiver

Western Cape: On 2017/06/22 at 13.00 in St Joseph Road, Plumstead, the complainant was ironing in the spare room of the residence when a unknown black male and a unknown black female entered with bricks in their hands. The suspects enquired when the owners of the residence would be returning home. The complainant responded by lunch time. The suspects thereafter tied the complainant with an electric cord and placed a t-shirt over her mouth, and a jacket over her head. Items to the value of approximately R20 000.00 were taken, which included a laptop and a box of jewellery. No arrests have yet been made. Any person with any information can contact Detective Sergeant Shaun Lawrence on (021) 710 7351.

For the week of the 16 to the 23 of June 2017, 20 persons were arrested for various charges, ranging from Theft, Domestic Violence, Assault, Possession of drugs, Hijacking, Illegal possession of firearm, Possession of stolen motor vehicle, Possession of housebreaking implements and Reckless and negligent driving. 

This office would like to thank all Diep River members, Reservists, Law Enforcement, Neighbourhood Watches and Security Companies for your proactive approach towards crime and your commitment to the safety of our community. END

Sergeant AB Gordon

SAPS Diep River – Corporate Communication

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