Weekly crime wrap, Diepriver SAPS – 15/05/2017


Weekly crime wrap, Diepriver

Western Cape:   On Saturday, 2016/12/10 at 20.00 the complainant was approached by the suspect, a coloured male aged 35 with no fixed address. The suspect asked the complainant if she wanted to join him and smoke. The complainant agreed and went with the suspect to an open field between Edgeware and Waterford Road in Diep River. The suspect told the complainant he wanted sex, but the complainant replied by saying “no”. The suspect then slapped the complainant and she lost her footing. The suspect told the complainant that he is a member of the gang Fast Guns and that he would kill her if she reported the matter to the police. The suspect then forced the complainant to the ground, pulled down her pants and penetrated her. When the suspect was done, he pulled up his pants and left the scene of crime. The complainant reported the matter on 2017/05/05 as she was fearful. Suspect has been arrested. Case is currently under Investigation. Any person with any further information can contact the Investigating officer W/O Bernard Johnson on (021) 7991400.


On Tuesday, 2017/05/02 at 17.30, the complainant was smoking on the railway lines between Wittebome and Plumstead. The suspect, a coloured male, age 35, no fixed address, approached the complainant and told her he was looking for something to smoke. The suspect then asked the complainant to go with him to his shack as it is not far from where they were sitting, as he wanted to talk to her and then they could finish smoking there. At the shack the suspect started to burn a CD. The complainant fell asleep, and when she awoke, she was naked and her underwear was lying next to her. The complainant then realised she was penetrated as she was sore. Suspect has been arrested. Case is currently under investigation. Any person with further information can contact the Investigating officer W/O Bernard Johnson on (021) 7991400.


The suspect for both rape cases is the same person, whom was arrested by Diep River Police members, after tracing the suspect. The suspect was identified by one (1) of the complainants. The suspect has been linked to two (2) more rape cases in the Steenberg area.


On Tuesday, 2017/05/09 at 21.50 the complainant , residing in Constantia, after hearing dogs barking outside his residence, went to investigate what the commotion was about. The complainant came across four to five, armed, unknown black males, wearing dark clothing. The suspects instructed the complainant to show them where the safe was located. The suspects then took the complainant to the bedroom and tied him up electric cords. The suspects took cash, iPhones, jewellery, two digital camera’s as well the complainants vehicle a Toyota Fortuner. The value of the goods stolen amounts to an estimated amount of R312, 000. No arrests made yet. Any person with any information can contact the Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Arnold Bosch on (021) 7107347.


For the week 2017/05/05 to 2017/05/12, 32 persons were arrested by Diep River Police for a variety of offences, ranging from theft, fraud, assault, housebreaking and theft, possession of drugs, robbery, murder, possession of illegal firearm and rape.


On Friday, 2017/05/12, Diep River Police in conjunction with reservists, over 50 Law Enforcement officers, security service providers and the Neighbourhood Watch, conducted a high visibility and Crime prevention operation. The operation resulted in excellent successes, including arrests for possession of an illegal firearm, possession of drugs and arrest of suspect wanted for murder. During the VCP (vehicle check point) over 330 vehicles were checked and fines for over R50,000 were issued.  This office wishes to thank all involved for your dedication and efforts.




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