Water-wise stars on the rise

The City of Cape Town today, 19 November 2019, awarded its Water Star Rating Certification to 23 organisations, recognising their innovative water-saving efforts. Read more below:

This year’s Water Star Rating assessments saw almost double the number of participants than last year, with 23 organisations involved, up from 14 last year. First launched in 2016, the City’s Water Star Rating Certification system recognises commercial and industrial organisations that comply with water-related by-laws, practice integrated water management, and minimise pollution. The awards celebrate local excellence for companies to assess and improve their relationship with water.

The 23 participants who put their hands up for this latest round of assessment represent a diverse range of industry sectors including hotels, manufacturers, retailers, beverage companies, financial services, pharmaceutical companies, airport services, and even a small physiotherapy practice and a non-profit environmental organisation, among others.

Under the star rating system, participants that receive one star are certified as compliant with the relevant water legislation and the City’s Water By-laws. This in itself is worthy of recognition, but participants can be awarded up to five stars depending on the extent of their efforts to conserve water and prevent pollution. 

Three companies achieved a Five Star rating this year:

·         Glaxo Smith Kline- GSK

·         The Beverage Company

·         Peninsula Beverage Company (Pty) Ltd

These companies are now certified as “pack leaders” in our collective efforts to better manage the City’s water use and reduce pollution.

For more information on the water wise stars as well as quotes:



‘The awards are an opportunity to showcase the businesses that are doing their best to be more water wise and future fit, and will hopefully encourage others to think creatively about how they can reduce their water consumption and prevent their operations from degrading the environment. Worth noting is that Water Star Rating Certification can also be provided to blocks of flats and complexes, and we hope to see this sector represented at future ceremonies,” said Alderman Xanthea Limberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Waste.

The voluntary star-rating assessment covers different aspects of water management including:

·       How effluent is handled (e.g. is it discharged into the sewer system or taken away lawfully for re-use by another entity)

·       How water is used on site (e.g. drinking, cooking, bathing/showering, operations/production-related activities)

·       What measures are in place to reduce municipally-supplied drinking water demand

·       Where the water comes from

Participants score points if, for example, they:

·       have installed water-saving fittings

·       know how much water is used per location

·         promote less of a dependency on the municipal supply by using rainwater/borehole/treated effluent/greywater, ideally for non-domestic purposes

·       responsibly discharge effluent or have zero effluent discharge

·       undertake and can account for regular leak detection and repair, meter auditing and awareness programmes

‘The efforts being made by an increasing number of organisations prove that Cape Town continues to evolve its relationship with water as we collectively strive towards resilience and sustainability. It’s important to formally recognise good water stewardship and these awards are well deserved by those who are doing all they can to be water wise. ‘Wise use’ is one of the five pillars of the City’s Water Strategy, and is essential in adapting to the impact of climate change. Strong cooperation between the City and water users is essential to achieving these goals, and this kind of initiative fosters these partnerships.

‘We encourage more businesses, both large and small, as well as private and public sector partners to participate in this certification process next year. The City recognises that regulation is not only about enforcement, but can also involve recognition of those who are self-regulating and leading the way.

‘The City is truly proud of what has been achieved by these water-wise stars and also the broader Cape Town community. The only way we can build a resilient city is if we all work together and make sustainability the core of all that we do,’ said Alderman Limberg.


Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

Media enquiries: Alderman Xanthea Limberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Waste, City of Cape Town