Thanks PicknPay, Woolworths, WallyJos and NW patrollers

During the incident of a fire that destroyed a home in Rathfelder Avenue Constantia on 4/5/2016, we thank and express our appreciation to several volunteer resident patrollers from across the Neighbourhood Watches in the valley.

Special thanks are given to patrollers from the PHEW (Punts Estate, Heathfield, Elfindale and Windsor Park) Neighbourhood Watch. They liaised closely with the Constantia Watch SRT members on scene who were assisting to coordinate various responders and to manage traffic flow and easy access for responders.

Two of their patrollers Gavin and Bernadette Darries took the initiative to obtain food, bottled water, fruit, etc for the firefighters. They contacted Eddie Beukes and John Butler from Pick and Pay Constantia as well as Gillian Maritz from Woolworths Constantia and asked for donations to feed the firefighters.

Pick and Pay supplied sandwiches, sausage rolls, bottled water etc. Woolworths supplied fruit and bottled water. Jesse Jansen of Wallyjo’s supplied rolls, chicken strips, and sausage, steak, viennas and chip platters for the firefighters.

Tarryn Steed of PHEW supplied apples and biscuits. Oliver, owner of the Shuttle Connection transported the goods to and fro.

Heartfelt thanks go out to all involved and especially to Mr and Mrs Darries for being one of the first and last on the scene, and taking the initiative to organise these goods for over 40 of our hard working firefighters.