Teamwork is what it is all about on Women’s Day

A valley wide high visibility operation was held with the objective of preventing crime, finding persons with criminal intent and collecting socks and clothing for the homeless, especially women.

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Who are the role players involved?


SAPS Reservists – these are women and men who live in our community. They dedicate their time in uniform as volunteers to assist and support their full time counterparts to fill gaps and to act as force multipliers. They are dedicated, committed to their community and have been responsible for many successful operations and arrests. Consider that they also have to attend court for all their arrests, and this is during their own working hours. To this end we thank their employers who are graciously understanding and provide them the opportunity to do so. They are empowered to hold authorised Vehicle Check Points/Roadblocks, stop and searches, conduct criminal checks and investigations and arrest to bring a suspect before a court of law.


Law Enforcement Auxillaries – the majority are also residents in our area, with the same mandate as their full time counterparts. They are a vital component during these operations acting as force multipliers in support of the SAPS members. They also conduct arrests, have to attend court, and have been responsible for many LPR stops and arrests. Their powers extend to enforcing City bylaws and quick writing out of fines. Two of the vehicles that they drive, are paid for from CONTRIBUTING residents and local business. In agreement with the City of CT, the City pays for the fuel costs.


Security Service Providers – Our biggest sponsor is Fidelity-ADT who provide the staff for the community radio in the control room CVIC (Constantia Valley Information Centre). They also have a dedicated vehicle (big blue bakkie) available to assist with all operations – as do other companies also assist with extra vehicles when required. Our other security providers such as BH Security, Combat Force, Premier Security, Prosec – all contribute financially to the CVWA (Constantia Valley watches Association). We utilise these funds to pay our LPR controllers supplied by Verifier. Verifier provide at their own cost by way of a donation an extra LPR controller during the day Mon – Fri to assist with alert verifications, camera reviews to assist SAPS investigations etc.

Patrollers – these are residents in our valley who take their time out away from families, spend time, fuel and effort on patrolling the suburbs at all times of day and night, acting as extra eyes and ears for SAPS and security. They are heroes who are most often the first to spot something, first to find the suspect car and more.

CVIC – the hub of all communications in the valley. These capable and dedicated controllers handle everything from lost pets, burst water pipes, electrical and street light issues, missing persons, to criminal related activities.

Community radio – this is carried by volunteer patrollers, SAPS and LE members, security companies and more. This is the glue stick that keeps all responding role players in communication.

LPR – controllers VERIFY all alerts through LPRCLOUDSA before they are posted to responder groups. These are groups of mainly SAPS with other responders, both patrollers and security who have a close working relationship with SAPS, understand confidentiality, do not post to Facebook etc – do not do anything that may compromise the SAPS Investigation, judiciary process or submission of evidence – AND importantly have the ability to respond any time of day or night – to act as extra eyes and ears for SAPS. We cannot afford a wrongful stop and have any legal repercussions. We have built a solid foundation built on trust and integrity with SAPS and intend to keep it that way.

CVIC is a community control room – funded by residents, local business and our security service providers. We are always willing to assist anyone who really needs help, BUT have concerns when a resident calls in for help – then we find out that they do NOT belong to a NW, do NOT patrol, do NOT contribute financially. This is NOT FAIR on all the other people and organisations who so willingly give up their time, or finances or both. Costs include rental, electricity, phones, data, cleaning, staff, toilets, etc.

To all those who contribute time, fuel in own vehicles, financial and otherwise our deepest thanks on behalf of our whole valley community.

Issued by Ops Team at CVWA



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Immediate Media Release – Date:2017/08/10

Women’s Day Visibility Operation, Diepriver

Western Cape:  On 2017/08/09, from09.30 till 16.30, in honour of Women’s Day, Diep River Police held a Crime Prevention Operation as well as a Social Drive to collect socks and clothing for the homeless, which consisted of seven Police Members, eight Law Enforcement Members, seven Security Members and a hundred and two Neighbourhood Watch Members.

During the Operation thirty seven persons were Maxid, three VCP’S were held at Military Road Kirstenhof, Kendal Road Diep River and Constantia Main Road Wynberg, respectively. The total Value of fines issued, valued R32 000.00, with three hundred and five vehicles passing through the Vehicle Check Point (VCP).

All socks and clothing collected for the homeless have been handed over to the Diep River Trauma Counselling Unit, to distribute to the relevant Organisations.

The Operation was a huge success. This office would like to thank Constantia Valley Watch Association, Southfield Neighbourhood Watch, Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch, all Law Enforcement Members, Security Members and Police Officials for their sacrifice and dedication towards their community.   END

Sergeant AB Gordon

SAPS Diep River Corporate Communication

Contact number: 021 710 7309 / Fax2e-mail: 086 481 1679 / 086 774 6441

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