Suspects stopped in their tracks



Suspect stopped in his tracks

Western Cape: On Tuesday 26th June 2018 at about 11:30 Diep River SAPS Sector Commanders Constable Yuri Ray and Constable Zak Marais were performing crime prevention duties in Southfield passing by the railway station when they were stopped by a member of the public coming out of the subway.

The member of the public informed the members that he was just robbed of his backpack in the subway. The members immediately responded after a description of the suspect was given to them and caught the suspect on the other side of the railway station with the complainant’s property returned to him. A knife that was used in the commission of a crime was also removed from the suspect.

The suspect, 22 years of age, was arrested on scene and charges of Robbery with a weapon other than a firearm was opened. No shots were fired and no injuries.

In a separate incident, Diep River SAPS Crime Prevention Unit Constable Ashley Adonis, Constable Christine Naidoo and Constable Donovan Katzke were on routine patrol in Dan Pienaar Circle, Plumstead when they came across a male and a female busy stripping wires and breakers for copper. The wires did not appear to be off cuts and the members suspected that it was removed from a building. The two suspects, aged 54 and 33 years old, were subsequently arrested with two large bags full of copper wire. Charges of Possession of Presumed Stolen Goods were opened against them.

Whilst the members were busy processing the above arrest at Diep River SAPS, a call of housebreaking and theft in progress came over the police radio in Aureole Road, Southfield. The members dropped what they were doing and responded. On arrival the members found a 17 year old teenager outside the premises who explained that there is a suspect inside his house. The members positioned themselves around the premises in Aureole Road, Southfield and found a bedroom glass window broken.

When the suspect realised the police were on scene, the suspect ultimately tried to escape through the glass kitchen window and was met by Constable Ashley Adonis who apprehended him immediately. The suspect, aged 48 years old, was found with on his possession various items of jewellery allegedly coming from the premises. A docket of housebreaking and theft was opened against the suspect.

Diep River SAPS management would like to thank the above members for their unselfish time and dedication towards the fight against crime.

We would also like to thank our community partnerships such as Neighbourhood Watches, Security Service Providers, Law Enforcement Permanent and Auxiliaries, SAPS Reservists and the community as a whole for their continued support. We encourage those who are not involved – to become involved. Crime fighting is not a one way street – its starts with each and every one of us.

House Robbery

Western Cape: On Wednesday 27th June 2018 at about 04:25 a house robbery took place in Constantia Main Road, Plumstead. Three unknown coloured males forced the front door open to the premises and threatened the complainant with knives. An undisclosed amount of cash as well as cell phones and a laptop was taken. No shots were fired and no injuries reported on scene. A case of House Robbery was opened.

Anyone with information pertaining to the above incident can contact Detective Arnold Bosch on 021 710 7356 or Diep River SAPS 021 710 7300 (switchboard).



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