Street Robbery Awareness

With more child minders and domestic staff returning to work there is an increase in opportunities for street robberies.

As an employer please remind your staff of the following:

1. Not to use their cell phones while walking in the street, and to put valuables away.

2. They must be vigilant of their surroundings, cars slowing down, passing them more than once etc.

3. Walk in pairs where possible – safety in numbers.

4. Report any suspicious vehicles and occupants to CVIC on 0860002669.

5. To know  their cell serial and IME numbers in case their phone is stolen – Saps will not open a case without it. Ensure their cell phones are set up for tracking.

6. Open cases of street robberies with SAPS and not dismiss as irrelevant.

7. In the home – advise your staff if you are expecting deliveries or workmen that day.

8. Not to allow any person onto the property without official ID or your confirmation first.

9. This should include the con artist ‘working next door and needs a power source to cut tree branches’ – this is currently occurring in the greater area. This thief helps himself to cells, wallets and laptops while in the house.

10. Put a list of emergency numbers on the fridge including the home address – often in a panic one can forget the most basic info.

11. On public transport NOT to discuss details of whom and where they work, this is as much for their safety as it is for yours and your family.

12. PLEASE report ANY and ALL incidents to your local SAPS.

Thanks to a neighbouring watch for the reminder.