If you look outside you will see the beginnings of a storm that is about to hit Cape Town… very heavy rainfall and high winds tonight and tomorrow. News24 – SCHOOLS CLOSED


Inevitably there is going to be some damage. Branches will fall. Drains will block and we may lose power lines. The City does not patrol the streets looking for fallen trees, blocked drains and downed electricity cable – please log any issues HERE.


Emergency or distress calls can be reported to the City’s 107 Emergency Number from a Telkom line or 021 480 7700 / 112 from a Cellphone.


For other non-emergency issues rather log online.

Use the City’s website from your computer or smartphone to log Service Requests for storm water blockages, power outages, overflowing sewers, fallen trees or broken branches lying in the road etc.

  1. Open the Service Request website
  2. Choose Create Service Request
  3. Select the required Group and Service.
  4. Describe your requested service, issue or complaint.
  5. Type in the address of the problem, or locate it on the map.
  6. Attach a supporting photograph if necessary.
  7. Capture your Contact Details and Select your Feedback Method.
  8. Click Submit. Save the reference number provided.

Thank you BCRA for well written article.