Our security Companies in the Valley are Stars

Thanks to all our security companies for their assistance, extra patrols that they do and the fight against crime.

Zone Security officers responded to a patroller radio report today of 2 persons walking with a trolley filled with goods. They checked the trolley and found it filled with copper piping. When SAPS arrived, after investigation it was found that the goods had been stolen from Wynberg Military Hospital – SAPS arrested both suspects.

Combat Force – predominately Plumstead area have been involved with several recent arrests including house breaking and street robbery. They are always willing to assist patrollers and great back up especially during the late night hours. Their response to LPR alerts is also appreciated.

Premier Security have assisted many times with observations of suspect vehicles and responses to patroller radio reports of suspect persons walking the suburb. They provide great backup to patrollers mainly in the Kirstenhof, Tokai and Bergvliet areas. They too have assisted with several arrests after a burglary or LPR alert.

Fidelity-ADT sponsor our radio controllers, and their large bakkie (S14) are always available for assisting patrollers. This is a loose vehicle which has been deployed in the past few months mainly in the Constantia Hills, Nova Constantia, Constantia and top of BKM area assisting in trying to catch a specific group of early morning hours house burglars. This S14 has often been involved with responding to LPR alerts and successful arrests thereafter.

WCSS who mainly operate in the Lakeside area, have successfully assisted several times with LPR alerts, monitoring of the suspect vehicle until SAPS could arrive – and some stolen vehicles have been recovered with their assistance. Their owner is usually personally out on the road assisting.

Both Prosec Security and National (formally Chubb) carry the community radio, and when time allows also assist with monitoring suspect vehicles and responding to patroller reports. Both are very much part of the valley and also voluntarily contribute financially to the control room running costs.

TSU who do private security for certain clients in the valley, have been instrumental in their tactical assistance rendered to us all including SAPS, especially during late night and early morning operations. To their select clients who allow them this flexibility in the interest of wider public assistance, we say thank you.

OGM International who provide the manpower for the Constantia and Nova Constantia Watches SRT, paid for from residents’ voluntary contributions. They operate in the Constantia and Nova Constantia areas, but have when needed to, gone beyond their boundaries to apprehend suspects. Also instrumental in the successful observation of the wanted Seapoint murder suspect. Fearless to the core. Many successes – too many to mention.

Whilst we would not normally single out any one security company or person, it would be remiss of us in this brief not to highlight BH Security. They almost daily provide an extra vehicle to the valley, which almost exclusively assists and deals with LPR alerts and immediate requirements. They:

  • Do not brag and post on Facebook – they understand the value of minimising information to the public thereby assisting to ensure that information and pictures are limited to SAPS to assist in ensuring a successful conviction
  • Do not mind where they operate to assist in observing LPR alert vehicles – even driving at times as far afield as Somerset West, Fish Hoek to Strandfontein – their interest is in assisting SAPS, CVWA ops and the successful detaining of wanted suspects/vehicles for the greater good
  • Were instrumental in the observation and stopping (under SAPS instruction) of the suspect vehicle and occupant wanted in connection with the Seapoint murder of a Diepriver shop manager – our volunteer Law Enforcement officers were also on scene and instrumental in the stop – arrest made by Kirstenhof SAPS
  • Arrested 2 of the house robbery suspects on Saturday night after a LPR alert, where the MV was chased by Law Enforcement volunteers and BH (with SAPS instruction) into Westlake where suspects ran into Pollsmoor through an open security gate. BH chased and arrested 2 suspects and recovered the stolen car keys. The prison warders detained the other 2 as they were attempting to climb a fence out of the prison grounds. Our volunteer Law Enforcement volunteers then placed the other 2 under arrest and between BH and LE all 4 and the stolen car were taken to SAPS Kirstenhof where a case docket was opened.
  • Have done numerous other arrests of burglars, LPR alerts etc
  • Have provided deep cover assistance with the Constantia Watch SRT in lying in the greenbelts and forest areas waiting for suspects to travel through the dead of night

At the end of the day, it is the teamwork that helps to win the war on crime, no egos, no politics, no grandstanding – just getting on with the job of catching criminals – and ensuring that everything gets done by the book to ensure a successful conviction.

Brian, Peter, Frank, Linton and the rest of your BH team – thanks from us all.