SAPS Media Releases


On 2015-09-05 at 23:15 a Plumstead resident arrived home.

As per vehicle owner the driver went outside to park the vehicle inside the yard when the 4 b/males came from behind him and held a gun against his head.

They then asked for money and demanded he must go with them. Driver got free and ran inside. Suspects then drove off with the vehicle towards De Waal road then to Grassy park direction. They fled in their green Mazda Midge323 no registration.

CVIC immediately posted a broadcast and SAPS alerted all SAPS flying squad. Tracker on vehicle was activated. CVIC ops sent photos of vehicle to flying squad, and they found the vehicle and arrested 1 male within an hour of the hijacking.

All goods in the bakkie were returned to the owner, whilst the bakkie was booked into the SAPS impound for finger printing and other forensic tests.

No shots were fired nobody was injured. End.


On 2015-09-04 Friday an operation between Metro Police, SAPS Diepriver and assisted by 3 neighbourhood watches was held to curb drunk driving. Within an hour 9 drunk drivers were arrested and 7 fines issued. The alarming fact was that of the 9 drivers arrested 7 reside within the area.

SAPS Diepriver would like to thank all those that assisted in the operation. SAPS Diepriver would like to urge members of the public to please refrain from driving under the influence and be responsible on the roads. There are many services available to get to and from restaurants and parties.



Warrant Officer Keith Chandler

SAPS Diep River

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Sector Commander / Reservists Co-ordinator

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