SAPS Diepriver can confirm several arrests this past week

Immediate Media Release – Date:  2016-08-12

SAPS Diepriver can confirm several arrests this past week.

3 drugs; 2 house breaking; 3 thefts; 2 possession of stolen property.

4 big successes at court including 2 of our undercover operations we had – positive convictions, plus a conviction of possession of a tik lolly with residue.

Our new magistrate in charge of our precinct takes a strict view on drug cases, which we appreciate that all our work gets the necessary attention.

A big thank you on behalf of the station to all our partners namely neighbourhood watch members; security companies; Law Enforcement; SAPS Reservists and metro police who supported us in the fight against crime.

Also a reminder to SOME of our neighbourhood watches patrollers to please be visible!! Lights, decals and reflective jackets. This is for your safety and for identification. We received complaints from law enforcement and our own shift members that they chased 2 “suspicious” vehicles patrolling with no lights and no identification (this is against the law). Please abide by our rules to assist in the safety of our neighbourhood. End.


Warrant Officer Keith Chandler

SAPS Diep River

Corporate Communication / Sector Commander / Reservists Co-ordinator

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