Zero Tolerance Mixture of High Visibility and Covert Ops from 15th to 21st October 2018 – Early Morning Robbery and Burglary Residential Operations conducted

These ops have led to some amazing successes – which could not have happened without our local SAPS reservists, supported by their full time members, volunteer neighbourhood watch patrollers, security companies in the valley – AND – a little LADY LUCK. Total of 8 arrests during the weeks’ early morning ops by the responders team.

14/10/2018 – early morning hours – Kidnapping, Robbery of M/Vehicle – 2 suspects found and detained in Plumstead area.

16/10/2018 – early morning hours – burglary residential in Kirstenhof – resources activated – tracking team found spoor & possible escape path – 3 suspects arrested as they were entering Westlake after extensive search and chase involving SAPS,  Reservists, Local SSPs, patrollers and local volunteer dog unit – stolen goods recovered – possible links to numerous other burglaries in Kirstenhof and Tokai areas.

18/10/2018 – early morning hours – burglary residential incident in Bergvliet – resources activated – tracking team found spoor & possible escape path – 1 Foreign National detained after extensive search and chase involving various responders  – presumed stolen goods found – possible linkages to recent spate of Burglaries in Bergvliet, Constantia Hills, Constantia, High Constantia and Nova Constantia areas – Investigating officers informed and delighted. This is a major breakthrough into possibly a very large syndicate.

19/10/2018 – early morning hours – Robbery Residential suspects detained in joint operation between various responders – 2 males detained (1 foreign national, 1 local) – Firearm retrieved – stolen goods recovered – possible linkage to recent spate of Robberies & Home Invasions in Plumstead and Southfield areas.

LPR has also had a good week:

26 Verified LPR stops

7 stolen cars recovered

R4500 fines issued for contravention NRTA

9 LPR related arrests

Persistence and patience pays off!! We continue to work as a strong & united front in winning this surge against crime.

Playing an integral role in the “ops team” is the Man-Trailing team, a group of residents/patrollers who without hesitation respond when requested at any time of the night to assist with trailing suspects. A brief overview about the Man-Trailing team follows:

We are a group of Neighbourhood Watch patrollers that are training our dogs to do Man-Trailing under the guidance of Instructor Jackie De Sousa of INTBI (International Bloodhound Training Institute), using the Kocher Method.

Man-Trailing trained dogs are used to find missing persons in Search & Rescue operations and trailing suspects from crime scenes. The dogs use their natural and instinctive ability to trail through scent, all we do as trainers is formalise this ability by adding commands and structure.

The difference between Man-Trailing Dogs and a Tracking Dogs is that Man-Trailing dogs are trained to scent discriminate, allowing them to follow a specific scent leading to the person that left their scent at the scene. Man-Trailing dogs do not need to have a physical trail in front of them to follow like Tracking Dogs, they just need a scent to follow, allowing them to trail over all terrains including urban areas like tar, concrete and brick paving and rural arears like greenbelts, farmland, bush and mountains regardless of weather conditions.

Scent can be obtained from a variety of objects that a person has come into contact with, like a surface touched or an article of clothing, the contact only needs to be for a few seconds to leave a scent that the dogs can trail.

We regularly train our dogs in the local greenbelts, parking areas and streets at all hours of the day and night and in all weather conditions so that the dogs can be effectively deployed at any time and in any environment.

During training we focus on training the dogs to: trail a scent even if the scene of the crime or the path taken by the suspect is contaminated with people, vehicles or animals; to show direction and paths taken; to find a hidden person; and to do a No Scent Indication for when a person is picked up by a vehicle or the scent article found is from a person that was not at the scene.

We work in a team, usually consisting of a dog, their handler and two flankers and assist entities like SAPS and Security Providers in the search for suspects and missing persons. We provide them with direction of travel so resources can be optimally deployed and No Scent Indication for when the suspect has left via a vehicle so resources can stand down from the search timeously.

To answer an age old question; “How old a trail can the dog follow?” as long as there is a scent to follow they can trail, from hours to days.