Prosec Security acknowledges CVIC controllers with Certificates of Appreciation

On the 3rd of August 2021 at approximately 17:15, Pro-Sec’s Blitz team gave chase to a perpetrator in possession of an illegally obtained firearm as well as a replica firearm. This was called into CIVIC control room.

CIVIC controllers assisted Pro-Sec Blitz by contacting and coordinating with Kirstenhof SAPS who arrived on the scene efficiently and aided thereof in cornering off the crime scene to ensure that no evidence was tampered with leading to a successful arrest.

The CIVIC controllers and control room should be praised for following up that the statements from the situation were all given in, and that all procedures and protocol thereof was efficiently and effectively executed.

Pro-Sec Blitz Team is highly appreciates the “partnership” with CIVIC controllers and community control room to ensure a safer community for everyone.

Courtesy Prosec Technologies