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Preventing Vehicle Theft

Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets, which makes it an easy target for crime.

A criminal needs only a few minutes to break into or steal your vehicle. The following safety tips will help you to prevent car theft, whether you are at home or just popping into the shops for a short while.

How to prevent car theft

Parking: Park your vehicle in a safe place that is well lit. If you can, park your vehicle behind locked gates or in the garage. The most common place where vehicles are stolen is in the street outside your home.

Security systems: Install a tracker, immobiliser and alarm system in your vehicle. Remember to activate your alarm system and other security equipment at all times.

Locking: Lock your vehicle and close all the windows properly, whether at home or in a public place.

Valuables: Any valuables such as handbags, cell phones and shopping parcels are a temptation for any criminal. Put them out of sight in the boot of your vehicle.

Be alert: Be on the lookout for suspicious persons in the area – ordinary vagrants are not the people who steal vehicles.

Vehicle security tips

Always keep your vehicle in a mechanically sound condition in order to avoid breakdowns of any kind. This is when you are most vulnerable.

Ensure that your vehicle has a lockable fuel tank cap.

Ensure that your vehicle has an efficient immobiliser and alarm, if possible. Carry a vehicle steering wheel lock and use it whenever you leave and lock your car.

Things to carry in your vehicle

– A tow rope

– Jumper leads for your battery

– A torch or spotlight which must be regularly tested

– A road map

– Any medical alert information regarding your health and requirements

– A complete first aid kit

– A fire extinguisher that is suitable for vehicle fires.

Things not to be left in your vehicle

– The vehicle registration papers

– Any documents giving your name and address, or those of your family

– Family photographs

– Firearms

– Vehicle and house keys

– Cheque books and credit cards

– Anything of value that might tempt someone to break into your vehicle, like car radios, CD players and CD’s

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