Pre-Season Weekend Visibility

As a pre-festive season caution to persons with criminal intent, various Neighbourhood Watches supported by security companies, volunteer Law Enforcement Auxiliaries and SAPS, conducted high visibility patrols on Friday night and during the day on Saturday.

Thank you and much appreciation extended to all who participated, including our CVIC (community control room) controllers for coordinating and keeping it all together via the community radio and LPR systems.

Further news, tips and more below:

During the past few months to end of November, CVIC controllers after verifying the alerts received, posted details of suspect vehicles to responders in the Constantia Valley. Of these:

60 x suspect vehicles were stopped by SAPS and/or Law Enforcement

105 x vehicle occupants checked and profiled

31 x arrests made as a result of the above stops

10 x vehicles seized due to either being stolen or used in the commissioning of a crime

R11,300 worth of fines written out and issued to drivers of vehicles stopped as above

Many, many more vehicles were found and observed by patrollers and/or security companies. Many of these merely use the valley as a route to get elsewhere, or they were so closely observed by responders that they moved on deciding that it would be better not to commit a crime here. Thus many potential crimes were prevented by alert and active NW patrollers and security companies.

We thank them for their collective partnerships in assisting to curb and prevent crime.

COVID and the resultant lockdown restrictions have no doubt contributed to an increase of unemployment and number of homeless persons.

Result – increase and projected further increase in small crime across all areas such as:

  • Theft out of MVs – park inside not on street, leave nothing in view and set alarm
  • Theft Common – brass numbers, copper piping, outside plants, theft of items left in garden such as cycles, Webers, tools etc
  • Burglary – out of garages tools, cycles, garden equipment etc – lock garage from inside, ensure contact fitted to door linked to alarm, ensure/install garden beams across driveway.

Residents should be reminded of the following:

  • Residents are urged to carry out regular testing and maintenance checks on their alarm and camera systems to avoid false alarms.
  • Statistically over 90% of alarm activation’s are false due to lack of maintenance such as trimming of trees and bushes that interfere with beams as well as faulty alarms not being fixed. 
  • Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and wait until gates are closed behind them before driving away or going inside.
  • SAPS logistics – reduced number of personnel – provincial/national problem – also affected by COVID resulting in members being off sick or for bereavement.
  • Residents should be discouraged from putting out food and other for homeless persons, as an alternative should purchase and provide them with U-Turn vouchers or similar.
  • We would like to again highlight the importance of residents opening a case with their local SAPS when an incident occurs, no matter how insignificant it may seem. If SAPS are unaware of incidents occurring in the area, they are unable to allocate the necessary resources to in order to combat crime in that particular area.