Our security companies are having a good run – thank you to them all

11/06/2020 00h20 – Theft – Fidelity ADT and Zone Security officers found 3 suspects in Southfield with 3 bags of Charcoal. Further investigation found that the bags had been stolen from BP Garage in Victoria Road – the manager at BP is not willing to open a case, so suspects were released by SAPS after profiling.

16/06/2020 – Burglary – Kingfisher Road Southfield – 10h47 the resident called  CVIC to report a suspect on premises – CVIC broadcast it on the radio – shortly thereafter Combat Force reported that they caught the suspect – one of the residents also said he pointed a fire arm (later found to be a gas gun) at him when they wanted to confront him. SAPSIR1580807

19/06/2020 – Arrest / Malicious Damage To Property – Meadowridge – Occurred 03h08 – suspect derailed the driveway gate and set the alarm off – 1 Suspect was caught by BH Security and taken to Diep River CSC by SAPS – arrested MITP and Possession House Break Implements – could be linked to 5 similar incidents recent weeks in that area

19/06/2020 – 21h57 – Arrest – Possession House Break Implements – outside High Constantia – 2 suspects were seen fiddling at the fence at the above mentioned property – they were spotted by onsite security CCTV & notified CVIC  –  CVIC then sent out Constantia Watch SRT with K9 KC to investigate – KC picked up a scent and led SRT members to the 2 suspects now hiding in a bush – both suspects arrested – SAPS on scene to transport to CSC.

20/06/2020 – Arrest Street Robbery – 07h50 – White Road Retreat – 1 C/M and C/F with an umbrella robbed several people in White Rd. Suspects robbed someone of their cycle and ran over the railway line into Steenberg where they were chased and caught by Premier Security.  I victim was injured. While waiting for SAPS became aware of another victim of robbery, also going to open case.