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19/8/2021 – approx. 15h15 – Shoplifting – 3 suspects entered a store at Meadowridge Park n Shop. They were observed putting/hiding various items in bags. As they went through the till points and realised they had been seen, they dropped the bags and ran. The manager phoned BH Security providing them with details of the suspects and vehicle. BH happened to be in close proximity, looked for them, then spotted the suspect vehicle. They observed this vehicle to Kenilworth where SAPS caught up, stopped the vehicle and checked the occupants. Various stolen bottles of expensive liquor and other items found in their possession for which they had no slips. All 3 suspects detained at SAPS Diepriver for Possession of Presumed Stolen Property. The items were identified to have been stolen from a supermarket. One of the suspects was found to have outstanding warrants of arrest.

19/08/2021 – approx. 17h30 – Attempted Shoplifting – Victoria Road Southfield – Occurred 17h16 – Reported 17h30 – a male tried to steal from a shop, when confronted by the staff he drew a knife then ran off wielding an axe. Went into a property on the way and traumatised some kids. Caught close to the M5 by Combat Force officers and SAPS.

19/8/2021 – approx. 16h50 – Theft – Bergvliet – a suspect seen on CCTV that stole various items from the premises on 11/8/2021 was back on the premises again. CVIC was alerted by on site security. Responders arrived and Fidelity ADT officers assisted to detain the suspect. SAPS Kirstenhof arrived and arrested the male for Trespassing and detectives will likely link him to the Theft on the 11th.

19/8/2021 – approx. 05h45 – Theft – Southfield patroller noted 2 males walking down Banier Road pushing car wheels. Combat Force members responded. On arrival the 2 males tried to run but were caught. The wheels were identified as having been stolen from a property nearby. Suspects and wheels handed over to SAPS Diepriver.

18/8/2021 – approx. 21h45 – Possession Narcotics – Plumstead – while on patrol Combat Force officers noticed 2 men acting suspiciously. When questioned regarding curfew and what they were doing, it became clear that they had narcotics in their possession. SAPS Diepriver informed who arrested the duo.

18/08/2021 – approx. 04h45 – Possession Presumed Stolen Goods – Wynberg – while on patrol Combat Force officers noted a very suspicious male with a braai. He could not account for it. During interviews it was established that it had been stolen the day before in Plumstead. SAPS notified who arrived and arrested the male.

17/8/2021 – approx. 16h50 – Theft – suspicious male reported on the greenbelt between Constantia Hills and Tokai – Fidelity ADT officers responded. They found the male in possession of a number of gardening items and tools, for which he could not account. SAPS Kirstenhof advised who detained the male for Possession of Presumed Stolen Property. More items were found the next day by FADT. The Tokai NW managed to trace the owner who has now been in contact with SAPS.

17/08/2021 – approx. 15h20 – Bergvliet – a resident saw a suspicious person enter a property. Then saw him leaving with tools and a light. He ran and caught the thief, then called for assistance. Fidelity ADT officers arrived to assist and detain the male. The thief was handed over to SAPS with the stolen property.

16/8/2021 – approx. 04h00 – Theft out of MV – Wynberg/Constantia – during patrols Combat Force officers came across a very suspect male with a cooler box and bag. SAPS Wynberg were notified. On further investigation it was ascertained that this male had stolen the items out of 2 vehicles in the Constantia area. Owners were notified, before they even knew that they had experienced a theft out of their unlocked vehicles.

15/08/2021 – approx. 18h50 – Robbery – Tokai – an off duty Pro Sec security guard informed his control room that he has just been robbed and his cell phone has been taken from him. Pro Sec Armed Response officers were informed and given a description of suspect. The suspect was spotted in Allenby Drive. Various items found in his possession. Handed over to SAPS Kirstenhof.

Special thanks to the CVIC controllers for their coordination over the community radio and the numerous phone calls to SAPS and others to assist with incidents.