Our Constantia Valley security companies are having a good few days

15/04/2021 – Arrest / Burglary – Curie Way Meadowridge – occurred 10h35 – BH Security reported the incident over the CVIC radio – as per the BH officer the suspect derailed the gate and entered the garage – when BH response arrived they caught the suspect coming out of the garage with approximately R17, 500 worth of designer clothes – SAPS was informed and attended the scene to arrest the suspect.

15/04/2021 – Arrest / Attempted Robbery / Hijacking  – Main Road Lakeside – Reported 10h00 – according to the Premier Security officer, the males requested an UBER from Plumstead to Muizenberg – while still on the ride the suspects informed the UBER driver they don’t have money to pay and the driver stopped – one male then took out a knife and allegedly stabbed the UBER driver in his hand and shoulder – the UBER driver grabbed the knife off the male who stabbed him – this male then jumped out of the Uber and ran into the reeds – Premier and WCSS Security members caught the suspect in the reeds – SAPS and Ambulance arrived on scene and took over.

15/04/2021 – Arrest / Burglary – Evremonde Road Plumstead – Occurred 07h30 – Combat Force officer informed CVIC – as per the officer while on patrol they received a call regarding  a suspicious person who jumped over a house wall in Evremonde Road Plumstead  – on their arrival they noticed a  male dressed in a grey hoodie and a blue jeans  running down Evremonde towards Naruna –  when he spotted the Combat Security team he dropped a black and red weed eater that had been stolen from the premises – they chased after the suspect, caught and detained him – The owner was located and identified the weed eater as his property, said that it was in his garage that was  closed but unlocked – a case was opened by the resident and the suspect was arrested at Diep River CSC

14/04/2021 Suspicious person – spotted at 23H43 in Soetvlei – Westridge Close (Greenbelt) – wandering on the greenbelt heading direction to Firgrove bridge – 2 Fidelity ADT vehicles responded and apprehended the male after he tried to run from them on Firgrove Bridge – they also ascertained that he had placed rocks in the middle of the M3, which they cleared for the safety of motorists  – SAPS Kirstenhof informed who attended to the scene and dealt with the suspect.

14/04/2021 – Theft / Arrests  – Barlinka Way Meadowridge – Occurred 07h05 – resident called CVIC – as per the resident the suspects gained access onto the premises by derailing the driveway gate – resident was alerted by hearing a noise as the driveway gate makes a squeaky sound when opening – the 2 suspects had stolen a backpack from the driveway filled with wetsuits and ran off – while the husband ran after the suspects, his wife called CVIC who broadcast the incident over the community radio. A Prosec Security officer and Fidelity ADT tactical officer were close by and responded. The thieves were caught by Prosec members on the corner of Old Kendal and Oak Farm Crescent in The Vines – SAPS was informed who arrived to arrest the suspects.

14/04/2021 – Business Burglary/Arrest – Victoria Road Plumstead at a business – Combat Force members were on patrol when they noted a male running out of a business premises – this male informed them that 2 suspects had attempted to rob him in his shop – Combat found and detained the 2 suspects, one of whom had an illegal firearm – SAPS informed who arrived to arrest them. The vehicle that the suspects came in has been loaded to the LPR data base for alert of future entry to the area.  https://cvwa.org.za/business-robbery-suspect-nabbed/

Thanks and appreciation to our security companies and their members. They patrol and actively engage in all sorts of incidents, and are very responsive to CVIC requests, even if the affected party is not their client. CVIC and the controllers are an integral part in coordinating responses and liaising with all parties. Appreciation is also extended to our dedicated SAPS members who monitor the community radio and respond when requested.  

Team work is crucial, and this is what helps to keep us all a little safer.