Newsletter: Fibre to the Home

Newsletter: Fibre to the Home

We have joined forces for a project with CPOA in an effort to get better broadband in our suburb. Bishopscourt have it, why don’t we? They decided to skip the next generation and move straight to the latest generation technology: Fibre to the Home.

The plan is to replace all the copper in the area with Optical Fibre (cost borne by Service provider). This will bring Constantia more in line with great cities around the world that have already transitioned to Fibre.

This will improve our Broadband experience. For residents staying on their current speeds they will really be able to get speeds of 4Mb/s, 10Mbs. For those that want more speeds of 20Mb/s, 40Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s will be available. Services like IPTV and improved Security Services will become available in due course.

It all starts with a survey. Please register here (non binding): and give your opinion. No personal or contact details will be given to ANY service providers.

For all FAQ and additional information, please follow this link to the website which explains all:

In the UK good Broadband has been seen as a contributing factor to increasing the value of properties. As much as we will all welcome this it is the improved Broadband experience that we need the most.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at A resident, Martin Diessner has kindly set up the website and is running the project for us. He won’t be able to answer all questions immediately but will batch them and send them out to all in the next communique. None of us work for Telkom or other service providers and we cannot guarantee results.  We are just doing our best to facilitate the best solution for the residents.

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