Meadowridge Common Clean Up

11 May 2021

You’ll be surprised to find out who cleaned up the Meadowridge Common today!

After residents complained on Facebook about vagrants and litter on the Common, Fidelity ADT, Prosec Security, and BKM Volunteer Patrollers stepped in to help.

A team of 12, most of whom don’t live in the BKM area, donned gloves donated by FADT, and filled black bags donated by Prosec. Some of the security guards had been on nightshift and stayed on to volunteer for the morning clean up, in a neighbourhood they don’t even live in.

Over 2 bakkie loads of refuse generated by vagrants was taken to the City dump in the back of a FADT tactical response vehicle.

Also found were house-breaking type tools (taken into custody), and a few snakes who got to stay behind on the Common.

It’s time to step up and clean our own neighbourhood!

When the task gets too big, you don’t have to do it on your own. Our great partners Fidelity ADT, Prosec, and the BKM volunteer patrollers, will be there to help you and your neighbours when you need them.

It’s easier when we do it together!