Local NW visit to CVIC

I had a very eye opening and insightful experience when I visited the Constantia Valley Information Centre (CVIC) Control Room and I would like to share my experience:

After a four hour session I walked out feeling excited and amazed at what happens there. Words like committed, professional, dedicated, proficient, accurate, high standards, vigilant, thorough, highly competent and caring springs to mind.

A supervisor, sat with my chairman and I and took us through their systems, processes and protocols. A brief history and introduction to the standards they adhere to was also provided.

It is an amazing collaboration between various neighborhood watches, Security companies, the police and many other businesses that’s on-board and contributing to the well being of the community. CIVIC’s created an extensive crime monitoring, tracking, reporting and support system to the benefit of the entire community. They have built relationships between and with, SAPS, the various neighborhood watches and the security service providers. The  CVIC control room team supports and provides information to the relevant parties to try and assist with getting criminals prosecuted and therefore lowering crime in the area.

They coordinate and assist with nearly any and everything.  We can report street lights and they will forward it to City of Cape Town. We can even notify them about lost children, pets and cell phones.  They will assist the community with getting hold of an ambulance, notify the fire department and notify and send out a Trauma counselor in the event of someone being traumatized due to crime. Any suspicious behavior gets documented, reported to the police and actioned by sending someone to check on it.  The staff in the control room will do their utmost to assist; we must just keep in mind though, that they are not in charge of the ambulances, fire brigade and or the City of Cape Town. They cannot make things happen faster. (I’m sure they would have if they could.)

The amount of work that goes into monitoring and verification of the License Plate Recognition camera systems are enormous. It is quite impressive to know that they monitor these cameras across the entire valley and assist with high profile/confidential alerts for other areas as requested. Everything is checked and double checked, documented and reported with great accuracy.

The CVIC Control Room team does random radio checks with the response officers from the various security service providers and report their findings to the interested parties, as an extra value added service to keep everyone alert and effective.

What an amazing team and pool of services.  I have the greatest respect and admiration for what they have achieved and built, and for the extraordinary work that is being done there. A great thank you to all involved.

Kind regards,

Local NW Incident Manager