Letter to The Constantiaberg  Bulletin , 5 Oct 2015

The “spike in serious crime”  (Bulletin Oct 1st)  as revealed by S.A.P.S . statistics and comments by M.E.C. Dan Plato, was predictable, and until the National S.A.P.S. can provide the necessary resources, as well as there being a change in our socio –economic climate,  it will probably continue to increases.

The National Constitution, section 205 (3) states, “ The  objectives  of the police  service  are  to  prevent,  combat  and  investigate  crime,  to maintain public order, to protect  and  secure the inhabitants  of  the Republic and their property, and to  uphold and  enforce the law ”.  Yet for far too long the local S.A.P.S  stations in The Valley have struggled with the same resources. These stations have to rely heavily on volunteer reservists and Neighbourhood Watches to combat crime. The citizens of this country are being left  “up a creek with a very short paddle”

The Constantia Valley Watches Association was formed by various Neighbourhood Watches in the Valley and, through mutual co-operation and sponsorship, provides and manages  a sophisticated 24/ 7  manned Control Room. The centre (C.V.I.C ), which gathers information on crime, also provides instant radio communications with S.A.P.S., Metro Law Enforcement, various Security Service Providers, Neighbourhood Watch Patrollers and other organizations.  Tel: 086 000 2669.

Many members of the community do not support their local Neighbourhood Watch yet are the first to cry when they are victims of crime. While a few businesses in the area play their part with sponsorships, etc., there are many more which can’t be bothered, yet rely on the custom of the local residents for their livelihood.

For your families and businesses safety, “be informed and get involved”. It is simply not fair to just leave it to others.  If you don’t want the criminals smashing down your front door or hi-jacking you in your driveway, keep them off your streets.

Cecil Watts