CW/NCCW SRT – Zayne, Blackie, Johan, Bryan, Cobus, Stanley

We asked each Constantia/Nova Constantia Watch SRT member to write a short piece introducing themselves to members.

My name is Zayne Jaffer, aged 36 yrs. and currently employed at OGM International security solutions in the capacity of a Special response team member on the Constantia Neighbourhood Watch project. My passion was always to “serve and protect live daily” hence why I am working on the SRT unit here in the Constantia area. In this particular unit there is combined experience from all members ranging from ex-military to ex-SAPS.

Well I haven’t been in the” forces”  but I am  experienced and have a vast variety of skill sets in the security field and have be at it for as long as 14yrs.

Qualifications in the security sector: Tracker dog and handling DH 1,2;   Response security officer

Short courses: First aid L1;  Oleoresin capsicum;  Asp /tactical baton;  Arresting procedure;  Introduction in criminal law;  Fighting for your gun;  Fighting for your gun in and around your vehicle;  Firearm retention;  Hand gun, shotgun rifle firearms training “Sesseta”;  Plug and patch First aid training;  Generic management “Seesa”;  Tactical tracking L1 ( David Scott Donelin) USA .TTS;  DH 1,2 Braveheart Bio dog academy “Sesseta”;  Defensive driving;  Peace officer /Traffic warden “Sesseta”

These are only some of the skills I use on a daily bases in the work place to serve and protect. I have a strong communication  character, very humble quiet guy ” and conduct my daily duty in a very professional manner. That’s me! Kind regards, Zayne.


Blackie (Pieter) Swart aged 48, employed with OGM International  as Special Response team member, currently rendering service for Constantia and Nova Constantia Neighbourhood Watches.

I have been involved in the Law enforcement environment for a period of 31years. Ex SAPS member (25 years service) and left the force at the rank of Warrant Officer.  During my period of service my duties entailed the following:

Close protection of ministerial delegations and their property .  At the rank of W/O I have been extensively involved in: Visible policing– which entailed area patrols/ arrest and detention/ joint operations/ networking with other law enforcement agencies.  Shift -Commander : Posting of members on shift according to the “hot spot demand” / Information gathering and analysis /  identifying risks and threats/ strategic planning and introducing methodologies to secure crime prevention. Secure discipline and order.

Business watch / Control room duties: Involvement in a crime prevention control centre of a business mall.

CCTV camera operation – Identify crime related activities and dispatch assistance to scenes.

Court duties: 2nd in command within the SAPS unit at court – handled prisoners and highly secured dockets.  Assistance to Sate Prosecutor.

Gang unit: monitor gang related activity/ syndicate operations. Covert operations.  Areas of involvement :  Elsies River, Ravensmead, Bishop Lavis, Belhar.

Achievements during my period of duty: Official of the month;  Catch of the year;  Most productive shift


  1. SHIP SECURITY OFFICER : Involved in the maritime environment in the:
  • anti piracy field. Duties entailed ship radar monitoring and look out for suspicious vessels / movements. Supervisor duties over Marines.Such duties executed in the Mozambique channel.
  • Escorting vessels through High-risk area Red Sea – Gulf of Aden, Mombasa, Sri Lanka and Tanzania
  • Anti poaching – curb crayfish exploitation
  1. STOW AWAY ESCORT SERVICES – removal of illegal foreigners that stowed away on international vessels. Return them to their countries of origin being mainly Tanzania and Nairobi.
  2. CLOSE PROTECTION DUTIES – Duties rendered for British American Tobacco Company protecting cargo in transit and delivery of cigarettes consumables
  3. PROTECTION OF FARMERS – In the Robertson/ Bonnievale area.

TRAINING ACCOMPLISHMENTS – S.W.A.T;  Firearm competency;  Use of pepper spray;  Riot control;  Vehicle tracking;  Suicide awareness;  Aids awareness;  Domestic violence;  Anti terrorism awareness Level 1;  Marine fire fighting;  First aid at sea;  Advanced trauma response;  Personal safety and responsibility at sea;  Personal survival techniques at sea;  Helicopter underwater escape techniques;  Ship Security officer

UNISA QUALIFICATION:  Safety and Security

Field of major;

  • Security awareness
  • Forensic & Crime scene investigation
  • South African Law and Common Law offences

SKILLS AND PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES – Effective, efficient self driven and dedicated;  Eye for detail, analytical, well organized, flexible;  Well balanced, assertive, innovative;  Highly energized, motivated, reliable

MOTTO – You never know how much you can do until you achieve more. Do more, know more, think more than your opponent.

Kind regards, Blackie

Johan Marx

Started my career in the SAP – Police college in Pretoria in 1985 for 6 months:  law and order administration, weapon training;  Riot course in Verdrag 1985;  Special guard unite course 1985;  Weapon training and crowd control in Maleoskop;  1986 VIP unite course in 1988: (Advance driving foot and vehicle tracking, weapon and explosives training and Israelis combat fighting technique).

Working as a VIP protector in government involved with former presidents PW Botha and FW de Klerk.

Introduction detective course in 1991;  Working as a detective in Vehicle unit Roy Beamish Cape Town;  General detective in Maitland;  Detective course in 1996 – came first in class;  General Detective in Pinelands;  Did various courses within SAPS and also obtained a South African Police Administration Diploma.

Resigned from SAPS end of 2000, then owner of a seven Eleven family store and owner of a Pitza Perfect restaurant.

Director for Ancient Investment Assessors. 2002 – 2007 Did a assessors course as a independent assessors doing insurance claims for motor and non-motor claims including Meader Mc Grouther course.

Returned to VIP protection in 2007 doing CPO work for BMW South Africa , Quatar delegation, Woolworths SA, Delegation for Ambassador of Denmark, Vice President of Uganda , Farm patrols and currently working for OGM International.

Motto in life: In the business to protect the good people and to put the bad guys behind bars.

Kind regards, Johan


I’m Bryan Butler married and a father of a little boy.

For the last 27 years I have had a passion to help people and save lives. Over the years my experience gained has been to benefit of not only myself and my family but also within the community I serve. My approach is to see every person as a family member so as to provide the best possible solution in all I set out to achieve.

Skills include: Law;  Investigations;  Alarm systems;  Operational planning;  Computer literacy;  Various graded courses within the security industry;  Proficiency in particular fields;  As well as the relevant fire arm competencies;  Medical training;  Defensive training;  Technical coordination;  Tactical training

I am a strong believer in my faith and have developed good understanding and empathy, I always believe in the humane factor and believe in good communication.

As a life motto goes – “Protect and serve” – Kind regards, Bryan


JACOBUS ALBERTUS VAN ZYL – 48 years old and currently employed with OGM International rendering service to Constantia watch for a period of 3 years as a Special Response team member and Crime Prevention Officer.

EXPERIENCE – Rendering duties in the private security industry for a period of 12 years .  My duties entailed vehicle escorting, VIP Protection and Farm Patrols.

QUALIFICATIONS – Armed response;  First Aid level 1;  Firearm competency

PASSION – Serve and protect the community. Driven by the action to search and find intruders

MOTTO – Nobody is born a warrior – you choose to be one when you refuse to stay seated.

Kind regards, Cobus


STANLEY GREEF – 27 years old  Started my career in private security in 2012 as a control room operator. I finished all my grades and joined the armed response team in 2013. My passion is to serve the community.

AREAS OF DUTY – “RED AREAS”  of the Western Cape Northern Suburbs. Response to emergencies – alarms, medicals, armed robberies.

 DESIGNATION – Commanding position – leading teams in crime prevention

ATTRIBUTES – Hard working;  Adrenaline driven;  Reliable;  Dedicated

QUOTE – Real heroes wear uniforms – Real heroes are members of our first responders and Law enforcement. Embrace it.

Kind regards, Stanley

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