CW/NCCW SRT – Bryan, Cobus, Jaco, Rudie, Stanley and Zayne

UPDATED December 2020

We asked each Constantia/Nova Constantia Watch SRT member to write a short piece introducing themselves to members.


My name is Zayne Jaffer, aged 38 yrs. and currently employed at OGM International security solutions in the capacity of a Special response team member on the Constantia Neighbourhood Watch project. 

My passion was always to “serve and protect live daily” hence why I am working on the SRT unit here in the Constantia area. In this particular unit there is combined experience from all members ranging from ex-military to ex-SAPS.

Well I haven’t been in the” forces”  but I am  experienced and have a vast variety of skill sets in the security field and have be at it for as long as 16 yrs.

Qualifications in the security sector: 

Tracker dog and handling DH 1, 2, 3, 4; Response security officer

Short courses: 

First aid L1;  Oleoresin capsicum;  Asp /tactical baton;  Arresting procedure;  Introduction in criminal law;  Fighting for your gun;  Fighting for your gun in and around your vehicle;  Firearm retention;  Hand gun, shotgun rifle firearms training “Sesseta”;  Plug and patch First aid training;  Generic management “Seesa”;  Tactical tracking L1 ( David Scott Donelin) USA .TTS;  DH 1,2 Braveheart Bio dog academy “Sesseta”;  Defensive driving;  Peace officer /Traffic warden “Sesseta”

These are only some of the skills I use on a daily bases in the work place to serve and protect. I have a strong communication  character, very humble quiet guy ” and conduct my daily duty in a very professional manner. That’s me! 

Kind regards, Zayne.


I’m Bryan Butler

When we work with a passion for what we do we achieve a greater level of success. Since the age of 18 my passion in the security industry has grown and developed . Working with honor, serving the community with dedication and striving to be the best person I can possibly be in doing so. Working ethically as well as learning with dedication to meet the needs and requirements of an ever changing industry.

Skills and qualifications obtained through the years.


Specialist courses in armed response

Cash in transit; Dog handler 1-4; Weapon proficiency; Street smart training; Firearm competency; Business competency; Security management; Investigations; Control room operations; Technical coordination; Technical knowledge of alarm systems; First aid level 3; Basic fire fighting; K9 trailing; Communication skills; People dynamics; Crime scene management; Legal aspects; Computer literacy

Having worked all over South Africa over the years, experience knowledge and understanding has enabled me to operate at peak performance at all time, working within the Specialized Response Team at Constantia Watch has once again shown that team work will always be a winner in the fight against crime and allow us to be so much more effective in our individualistic ability to provide the most effective unit this community can experience working for it.

Having strong family values allows me to be so much more effective in my ability to treat all people like family so as to deliver the best possible service. My belief and my faith are my grounding in life and my strength. Starting my days on my knees and ending my days on my knees makes the daily journey so much easier to travel on

– Kind regards, Bryan


JACOBUS ALBERTUS VAN ZYL – 50 years old and currently employed with OGM International rendering service to Constantia Watch for the past 5 years as a Special Response team member and Crime Prevention Officer.


Rendering duties in the private security industry for a period of 14 years .  My duties entailed vehicle escorting, VIP Protection and Farm Patrols.


PSIRA Security Officer A Grade; Armed response;  First Aid level 1;  Firearm competency; Dog handler K9 DH 1 to 3


Serve and protect the community. Driven by the action to search and find intruders


Nobody is born a warrior – you choose to be one when you refuse to stay seated.

Kind regards, Cobus


STANLEY GREEF – 29 years old  Started my career in private security in 2012 as a control room operator. I finished all my grades and joined the armed response team in 2013. My passion is to serve the community.


“RED AREAS”  of the Western Cape Northern Suburbs. Response to emergencies – alarms, medicals, armed robberies.


Commanding position – leading teams in crime prevention


Hard working;  Adrenaline driven;  Reliable;  Dedicated


Real heroes wear uniforms – Real heroes are members of our first responders and Law enforcement. Embrace it.

Kind regards, Stanley



RUDIE MAREE – aged 47, employed by OGM International as Special Response team member, currently rendering services for Constantia and Nova Constantia Neighbourhood Watch.

Been involved in the Law enforcement environment for a period of 28 years, of which 25 years were spent as a SA Police member – 10 years’ experience as Detective. 

Personal profile – Experienced and innovative manager with the Justice System, leadership, customer service and administration skills. High personal integrity and able to relate to and create trust in all. Confident and persuasive team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve performance. Highly dependable and reliable. Extremely hardworking and loyal

Training accomplishments

Detective Course, Basic Crime Investigation Practice, Sector Policing Training Programme, Guard Unit Course, Tactical Survival and Crowd Control, Dog Handler Level 1-4, Armed Response, Business Firearm Competency, PSIRA Grading 

Quote – “Do the best you can until you know better.  Then, when you know better, do better.” 

My name is Jaco van Rensburg age 27, but everyone calls me Jakes.

I am currently employed by OGM international Security Solutions as a Response Officer for the community police Sub-form or Constantia Watch public safety; I am part of a specialized unit called SRT here in the Constantia area, as well as working closely with our internal dedicated K9 Unit. Our team consists of various types of backgrounds and speciality’s which is an extremely strong point in my opinion. With the combination of ex-military and ex-police and combined with many years in the private security sector there is a lot of passion and skill set to uphold the standards of our unit. And to provide the service the community expects and requires.

Private Security has always been a massive passion and part of me since I was a young boy. My father was in the air force and majority of my family have been in armed forces and South African Police service. I have a great passion for helping people in my communities, during work or at home environments. I live to be the helping hand and assistance that someone needs at times.

  • Qualifications in the security sector:
  • PSIRA registered(Grade E, D and C)
  • Tactical and armed response.
  • Firearms training.
  • Personal and business Competencies for Handgun, Shotgun, Self-Loading and Manually Operated Rifles.

External and additional qualifications:

  • First Aid Lvl1 (Basic)
  • Competitive Amateur Boxer/Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial arts.
  • Sport shooting (Competitive Firearms Competitions)
  • International Personal Trainer/Nutrition qualifications.

I do look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience in the private sector. I have no doubt that I will be a part of OGM and SRT for many years to come. I am someone you can always rely on day and night and willing to go the extra mile for my colleagues and community. Communication is key and so is passion for what you do every day.

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”

Kind Regards

Jaco Van Rensburg

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