Introducing our CVIC controllers

These are special people, capable, responsible, alert, kind, patient and controlling when the need arises. They deal with so many things on a daily basis, from verifying LPR (licence plate recognition) alerts; to phone calls from both kind and demanding residents; to criminal incidents; to having to deal with roaming baboons; lost pets; snakes; medical emergencies; reports of homeless locations; broken street lights; burst water pipes; to assisting SAPS with investigations; provision of evidence and so much more.

Importantly they are the glue that holds the community radio network (sponsored by Fidelity ADT) together. These community radios are carried by SAPS from Diepriver, Kirstenhof and Wynberg, 7 different alarm response companies, private residential estates, shopping malls security, Law Enforcement auxiliaries, and importantly the hundreds of volunteer neighbourhood watch patrollers across the valley. We thank them for their dedication.

My name is Marilyn Thysse, aged 39 years old. I am employed by Fidelity-ADT since 03 December 2007.

In 2007 was my first encounter within any security industry. Before then I worked in different industries, but by far this industry had been the most exciting and educational. I have discovered my passion for safety and security and built myself a reputation of “not taking nonsense” controller.

On February 2015 I started my journey at CVIC. It was scary for me at first, as its nothing like the average control rooms. I have met amazing team members, NHW patrollers, SAPS members, SSPs and residents that make you feel like you are part of one big family. In my time I never saw such a great teamwork structure, since I become part of the CVIC team.

Qualifications in the security sector – PSIRA registered.

Daniel Engelbrecht – 30 Years old

I am a senior LPR camera controller. I started my career in the security industry in 2010 as a door to door salesman at first but was always lacking that something extra. I joined the CVIC team in 2016 and ever since it has been what I never knew I needed.

The knowledge and experience I have with regards to the job goes back to when I was 14 years old and that which my late father also instilled in me when he was working in the SAPS Presidential Unit and other various SAPS agencies. I strive to carry out those values daily in order to serve and protect our communities to the best of my ability.

The areas I am responsible for are those that fall under the CVIC banner but also myself and my team deal with any possible threat coming from neighbouring areas so that we can be on high alert and ready for anything that arises.

People need people in order to grow and I cannot do what I do without my colleagues at CVIC, the NHW Patrollers, SSP’s, SAPS/LE and the CVIC Ops Team pushing me to be better than the last shift. My goal will always be preservation of life because the earthly things that we lose can always be replaced but life itself is priceless.

Christal Jacobs 37 years old and employed by Fidelity-ADT since 2010.

Qualifications in the security sector: PSIRA registered ( Grade E, D and C )

I am a proud mom of 2 and love being surrounded by my family. I’m independent, smart, witty, loving, caring, understanding, hardworking, reliable, dedicated and a very spontaneous person. I’m also feisty at times, very straight and forward, hate lies, fabricated stories and don’t let anyone take me for granted.

My career in the Security Industry started in 2010. I was a dispatcher at the Fidelity-ADT control room. I’ve strived so much that I became one of the valued dispatchers in the control room. I have sat through shootings, chases, serious medicals with the armed response but always stayed calm and focus at the situations I dealt with. That is where my first priority became “SAFETY COMES FIRST”.

June 2015 I started a new adventure at CVIC. It was a different world I stepped into and a whole new level of challenges as I did not know about LPR and what the NHW entailed. It was a scary feeling but exciting at the same time and I was eager to learn, strive and push myself beyond my limits as my passion is to keep people safe, protect and guide them to the best of my ability. Working at CVIC is an honour however what I deal with each and every day is not an easy task but I love what I do and that’s what makes handling any kind of situation easy to me. When I walk out by the door after every single shift it brings great comfort to me knowing I made a difference in someone’s life no matter how big or small.

At CVIC I found a second family as well as an awesome team. My Seniors, SAPS, LE, SSP’s and NHW Patrollers becomes one unit, each other’s lifelines in our fight against crime. I know here is where I belong as home is where the heart is.

Courtney Stefano Cupido – 27 years old.

I reside in Mitchells Plain. A father to a beautiful baby boy that makes me happy each day 365 days, rainy or sunny. I started working at a young age while providing for my Mother and Brother when my late father passed away. My passion started when my cousin introduced me to offsite CCTV monitoring in 2016. When I started at Verifier I asked myself what hole have you put your head into as I knew nothing of the software they used, however one thing I told myself, that in four months I need to master them all. I did and got promoted to senior controller in a short time. I think I hold the record for becoming a senior controller within the shortest period at Verifier. I was looking for something exciting and I was given the opportunity to become a LPR controller, which I thought was just broadcasting vehicles over the community radio.

On the 6th of November 2019, I joined the CVIC Avengers squad – my home away from home. It’s a pleasure and an honour standing up each day to come to work – the environment is so pure. When I was on training at CVIC, the best control room in a world, the welcome I received from my Avengers squad was so warm that I didn’t want to leave to go home on my first day. I guess when you feel you belong somewhere you don’t want to leave at all.

CVIC Ops Team has shown me a better point of view regarding crime since I joined the CVIC Avengers squad and I am grateful for them from giving me the opportunity to be doing what I am doing today.

QUOTE “Be a better you then the younger version of yourself”

Qualifications in the security sector – PSIRA registered

I introduce myself as Graham Martin Mentoor 47 years old from Kraaifontein, I started as a Closed Circuit Surveillance Operator since March year 2000 employed by Gray Security where we worked hand in hand with Law Enforcement and SAPS to fight crime in the CBD area of Cape Town.  I joined Fidelity ADT security in January 2007 as Localised Security Service Controller and dispatcher for guards and armed response officers.

In February 2014 I was looking for more adventures field work in the company that is where I met my passion and match at the neighbourhood watch as a leave and sick reliever working in the Northern and Southern suburbs area.

I like to explore different environments in the neighbourhood watch which was very challenging for me because I like to work with people of all walks of life especially to fight crime and make a difference.

I realise I can make a difference in communities where I can help the residents as they are my own family and going that extra mile to protect and keep them safe in their homes just as I would protect my own family that is important to me as a person I help where I can I was brought up this way top help others where I can

In September since my colleague left I have been standing in permanently at CVIC Control room. This is where I met colleagues and friendship the warmth of being here is a pleasure to come to work every day. I still don’t regret it and the patrollers who are so professional and caring and appreciating what we do for them makes me feel good as a person to see people appreciate what you do for them. I have been with the company for 15 years and this is where I will retire because I love this industry to protect and to serve.

Marlon van Vught 32 years old – I am one of the senior LPR Camera Controllers at CVIC.

I started my career in the security industry in 2008 as an access control guard.

In 2010 I moved from George to Cape Town after I was offered a job as CCTV Operator and that’s where my passion for fighting crime started.

I started at CVIC late in 2017 and my knowledge and experience for the job grew even bigger. The team at CVIC together with the OPS team is honestly the best people to work with.