Introducing LEO Dale Kellerman.

Dale is 25 years old, lives in the Constantia Valley, his mother lives in Plumstead, and he works for the City Law Enforcement full time on contract for Ward 73 Councillor Carol Bew. His area covers Ward 73 which includes Plumstead, Diepriver, Meadowridge, Bergvliet, The Vines and Doordrift. His responsibilities are to enforce the City By-Laws, attend to any complaint despatched to him via the City Epic system and general crime prevention patrols.

In the words of Carol Bew:

“Ward Allocation Ward 73 – LEO Dale Kellerman

(Dept Safety and Security  Law Enforcement Traffic Coordination.)

LEO Kellerman was appointed as a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer for Ward 73 for the 2018/2019 financial year.  This appointment was renewed for the 2019/2020 financial year.

This appointment is funded by the Ward Allocation of Ward 73 (Councillor Carol Bew)

I have had the pleasure of working closely with LEO Kellerman during this time and have found him to be a disciplined motivated young man fully committed to fighting crime and enforcing the Municipal By Laws of City of Cape Town.

He has a passion for his job often going far beyond the call of duty.   This is clearly evident in his work ethic as well as in his private life. He is a caring, compassionate young man who cares deeply about people and has a vision to create a better life for all. He has a high level of self-awareness, maturity and emotional intelligence. He is eager to learn and develop his knowledge and expertise through his work.

I am happy to report that in my personal opinion he is doing  amazing invaluable work on the ground in Ward 73.

Carol Bew – Ward Councillor – Ward 73″

Some Operational Snippets:

So far this year he has made approx. 32 arrests, most of which have been drug related.

A lot of his time is spent dealing with the Homeless and Displaced persons. Joint operations are done with Social Development where they see to their welfare and alternative accommodation.

Recently he was first on scene at the railway station fire – when the coaches were set alight.

Foot beat is a regular thing, checking for illegal parking, unlicensed vehicles and more.

Noise complaints, illegal dumping and confiscation of trolleys are but a few of the complaints that LEO Kellerman attends to.

LEO Kellerman assists at joint operations with the Neighbourhood Watches in his area, and regularly checks on the greenbelts such as the Doordrift Trail.