How beautiful and clean is our/your suburb?

On the surface we appear to live in beautiful suburbs, clean, pristine and healthy.

BUT scratch a little below the surface, look in the areas behind trees, in the green belts, behind the Checkers Emporium, the grass triangles between the on/off ramps to the M3 and a very different picture emerges.

We have been fighting this never ending cleansing battle for years, taking pictures, reporting to CT City Homeless, Cleansing, Solid Waste departments and our ward councillors.

We as a community and Neighbourhood Watches have done many clean-ups over the years.

Yesterday and today Constantia Watch embarked on yet another clean-up, at our own expense. Thank you to Constantia Watch SRT members, KC our tracker dog and Fidelity ADT response officers for all your assistance. Appreciaton to Alphen Spar Constantia for donating some of the refuse bags. And hats off to the homeless in various locations who willingly picked up litter and filled the bags.

City has been advised and will be collecting all the bags that we are currently storing at our NW offices.

In the past 48 hours we have reported to City – Service Request Reference Numbers for each specific location for Homeless and Solid Waste Cleansing

9110712602; 9110712539; 9110712468; 9110712423; 9110711889; 9110711852; 9110711741; 9110711630; 9110711549; 9110711500; 9110710956; 9110710909; 9110710132; 9110710088; 9110709934; 9110709908; 9110709784; 9110709754; 9110709566; 9110709436; 9110708539