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Hijacking Safety Tips

Prevent Hijacking When Parking Your Vehicle:

Check your rear-view mirror to ensure that you are not being followed.

When returning home after dark, ensure that there is an outside light on or have someone meet you at the door.

When exiting your vehicle, be cautious and aware of anything that may be concealing a hijacker.

Never sit in your parked car without being conscious of your surroundings. Sleeping in a stationary vehicle is particularly dangerous.

When approaching your driveway, be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles/persons.

Prevent a Hijack Situation:
Take Precautions:

Know your environment.

Get to know who belongs in the vicinity of your home or workplace and who does not.

Keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary.

Lock all doors and close windows before driving off.

Try to vary your route to places you visit regularly.

Ensure all your mirrors are adjusted to give you an optimal all-round view of your surroundings.

Try to stop about 5m behind the car in front of you at a stop sign or traffic light – it makes for an easier getaway if trouble arises.

Don’t be fooled by:

False appeals for help.

“Accidents” such as having your car rammed from behind.

Someone trying to get help from a stationary car.

Your electric gates being jammed

Know your environment:

If approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off if possible and/or use your hooter to attract attention.

Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious looking characters or vehicles and do not hesitate to report them to the Police or ADT.

Always be on the alert for potential danger and be on the lookout for possible escape routes and safe refuge along the way.

Always have your identity document and driver’s licence in your possession and a pen and notepad ready to make necessary notes.

If possible, avoid driving in the dark. Hijackers may stage a minor accident, e.g. if your car is bumped from behind and you do not feel comfortable with having them involved in the situation, drive to the nearest Police Station for help.

Never open your vehicle window or door for any stranger. If a suspicious person is near your unoccupied car, go on to the nearest public area and ask for assistance.

Reducing the Risk of a Hijacking When Entering or in Your Vehicle:

– Have your key ready, but not visible.

– Inspect the outside and inside of the vehicle before unlocking it.

– Know your destination and directions to it, and be alert should you get lost.

– Always drive with your windows and doors locked and/or closed.

– Make a mental note of any Police Stations in the area.

– When dropping a passenger off, make sure that they are safely in their own vehicle before departing.

– Avoid driving through high crime or unfamiliar areas.

– Avoid driving when the roads are quiet.

– Drive in the centre lane away from pedestrians where possible.

– If possible, never drive alone.

– NEVER pick up hitchhikers.

– Change your routes on a regular basis.

– Do not leave windows open more than 5cm.

How should I respond if I am hijacked?

– Prioritise the safety of you and your passengers, no matter how outraged you may feel at the time.

– Do nothing that is going to alarm the hijackers. Never initiate any movement yourself. This may give the hijacker the impression that you are reaching for a gun or panic button. Remember – the hijackers will be as nervous, if not more so, than you. Keep your hands clearly visible and as still as possible, ideally at chest level.

– Answer any questions truthfully especially with regard to firearms. If the hijacker finds out or suspects that you have lied to him, he is more likely to turn violent and unleash his frustrations on you physically.

– Try to listen and understand exactly what the hijackers want from you.

– Try to find characteristics that may help you in identifying your attackers at a later stage. But remember – this does not mean staring at your attackers, making it obvious that you are looking for a means of identifying them.

– If they kidnap you – co-operate with them fully.

– If you have a baby sleeping on the back seat, which they may not have noticed, tell the attackers. Tell them that driving away with your child is only going to make things more difficult for them. Ask them if they can fetch your child. Do not move towards the car without their explicit directive. Tell them that a baby means them no harm and is no threat.

– Do the same if you have a pet in the car. Do not, however, push the issue to the point where your life may be threatened at the expense of a pet.

Issued by ADT

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