Date: 2017-07-18 – Weekly crime wrap, Diepriver

Western Cape: On 2017/07/14 from 19.00 till 02.00 on 2017/07/15 a Cluster operation was held consisting of fourteen(14) SAPS Members, fifteen(15) Traffic Members, forty(40) Law Enforcement Members, sixty four(64) Neighbourhood Watch Members and eighteen(18) Security Companies Members. Members held the operation in Mowbray, Rondebosch, Diep River and Kirstenhof Area.

Successes obtained were Thirty two (32) warrants executed by the Traffic, six (6) Traffic arrests, thirteen (13) warnings, one (1) Arrest for possession of Drugs in the Mowbray Area and one (1) arrest for possession of drugs in the Diep River Area, as well as a firearm, Taurus 9mm with eight live rounds, confiscated in the Diep River Area after owner could not produce a valid firearm license.

One Hundred and eighty seven (187) MaxID checks were performed during the operation. (System to verify if a person has a warrant of arrest on his/her name.) Three persons were positively identified as wanted on the MaxID and were detained at Diep River SAPS. One suspect was wanted on a charge of Stock Theft, the second suspect was wanted on a charge of Possession of Stolen Property and the third was wanted on a charge of Theft common.

The Operation was a great success. The visibility of the members was a deterrent for would be criminals, to commit a crime.

This office wishes to pass on gratitude to all Members, Reservists and external partners, such as Neighbour Watches, Law Enforcement, Traffic and Security providers for their contribution and dedication in the fight against crime. Any criminal activities will not be tolerated. END

Sergeant AB Gordon
SAPS Diep River
Corporate Communication
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