CT Deputy Mayor and Residents Tour Sondelani

Saturday 26th November 2022 – Ward 73 Safety and Security Portfolio Committee held their meeting today at Sondelani. This included Ald Eddie Andrews (Deputy Mayor of Cape Town), Reg Jemmett, Roger Graham and Terri Ann Valentine (PA to the Deputy Mayor).

Below are some of the committee members getting a feel of the community control room that services the whole valley.

After their meeting they joined a Constantia Watch event held afterwards. This was to introduce a group of our contributing residents to Sondelani, Constantia Watch offices and the community control room. Special thanks to some stars who brought cake, cookies for all and washed up afterwards.

Below Ald Eddie Andrews (Deputy Mayor of Cape Town), meeting 2 of our CW SRT members, Zayne and Dwayne, as well as our 2 K9s KC and Seeff.

The group was given a short presentation, and then a tour of the community control room. There was much interaction afterwards between all, the SRT members and CW ops team sharing stories, advice and more. Our appreciation is also extended to our local ward councillor, Emile Langenhoven who joined us.