Criminals take advantage of load shedding

We all experience the complete darkness in our neighbourhoods, and we have all learnt how to carry on with our daily lives without load shedding affecting us too much; however there is a criminal element lurking in these blackouts. The important thing to remember is that the load shedding schedules are public domain, and therefore criminals are well prepared for instituting crime in your area while the power is out.

Over the last few weeks, we have experienced an increase in crime, and this could possibly be due to load shedding; or it could simply be the fluctuation in crime we generally see on the annual statistic graphs. Either way, we’re going to focus on giving you some helpful hints on how to secure yourselves and your families during the rolling black outs.

1. When in your home, ensure doors are securely locked, as your visibility to the outside is impaired. 
2. THE STREETS ARE DARK: Taking a quick walk to the shops alone is no longer an option, as you are an easy target. Walk in groups, and make sure you have little to no valuables on your person.
3. When leaving a friends house, finish your chat within closed gates, rather than standing outside – an idling car or person with keys in hand is a soft hi-jacking target!
4. BE VIGILANT! Look around carefully in the general vicinity before turning your back to buckle in your child, or load items into your car. You are at your most vulnerable when your back is turned.
5. Constantly be aware of your surroundings 
6. Do not think that just because there is no electricity, criminals stay away! In darkness, your vision is impaired, and criminals will use this disadvantage against you!
8. Stay up to date with current crime trends, and plan your routine carefully to eliminate any security vulnerabilities
9. If you have a remote panic button, keep it on you at all times!

The above courtesy of Sarcasmafrica

Further tips:

Check your back up batteries for electric fence, alarm system and driveway gate – they may need replacement.