Cracking start to 2022 – 9 arrests in 6 days

4/1/2022 – Purple Daihatsu Charade occupants attempted to rob a young female in Plumstead. Vehicle identified on LPR systems by controllers and loaded to the LPR suspect MV dat base. On 6/1/2022 the MV triggers systems and various responders start hunting. Found and stopped by a group of SAPS and volunteer Law Enforcement vehicles. Replica firearm found in the vehicle. Further information came in that while being looked for, they had committed another street robbery, and were in possession of the stolen phones. Victims found and case opened. 4 occupants detained on previous case, plus this case.

5/1/2022 – Business Burglary – restaurant – early hour’s suspects broke window to gain access and stole several bottles of liquor. Constantia Watch SRT reviewed footage with Prosec, they recognised the suspects and went hunting. Later that morning 1 suspect found where they are known to sleep in the old dumpsite behind the Emporium. Several of the empty stolen bottles found. Detained and handed over to SAPS.

28/12/2021 – Silver Opel Corsa – female occupant seen on CCTV stealing plants from the verge outside home in Meadowridge. Vehicle identified. Later LPR systems triggered alert, MV found by patrollers and security, occupants detained by volunteer Law Enforcement. Replica firearm found in vehicle, so driver also detained. Both handed over to SAPS.

6/1/2022 – same vehicle above triggered LPR systems again. Driver detained by volunteer Law Enforcement for possession of narcotics.

6/1/2022 – controllers receive report of a suspicious person in Bergvliet Road. Responders dispatched. Suspect jumps over a wall into a property. Prosec Security member arrives, searches property and detains the trespasser. Handed over to SAPS.

Well done to our vigilant security companies, CW SRT, volunteer NW patrollers, SAPS and volunteer Law Enforcement. Teamwork certainly pays off, as do the LPR (licence plate recognition) systems. Hats off to our controllers at CVIC and the ops team, for their radio control, coordination and behind the scenes gathering of intelligence to assist SAPS and responders.

Are you a contributing member to YOUR Neighbourhood Watch, either financially or by giving some of your time patrolling the streets acting as extra eyes and ears? Did you know that Fidelity ADT sponsor the costs of the CVIC radio controllers, while all other costs to run the radio/LPR control room including the camera controllers salaries are financed by contributing residents via their NW?