Constantia Watch SRT oversee clean-up of their area – results in 1 arrest

Over this past weekend, Constantia Watch SRT members visited all the homeless sites in their area.

Armed with refuse bags donated by Constantia Village, they handed these out to persons at the locations, with requests to clean up.

Whilst at one location, they heard a noise in the bushes. On investigating they found a suspect trying to hide from them. SRT had been looking for him over the past 2 weeks, as he was wanted in connection with a recent business burglary. This same individual is also in breach of his parole conditions for a previous criminal case. He was detained by SRT and handed over to very happy SAPS members.

Thanks to our City ward councillor who assisted to arrange speedy collection of the filled refuse bags, and to Fidelity ADT for your bakkie to transport filled bags to a central location.

Service Request Reference Numbers for ll below

9112195125; 9112195108; 9112195156; 9112195182; 9112195227; 9112195260; 9112195371; 9112195373

Hereunder are pictures, better than a thousand words.