Constantia Watch SRT from OGM

The SRT (special response team) members at Constantia Watch have had an amazing year.

Employed by OGM International and contracted to Constantia and Nova Constantia Watch, these 6 men Blackie, Bryan, Johan, Kobus, Stanley and Zayne have done us proud.

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Between them for the year to date they have done 20 arrests. These have included suspects for burglary, theft of m/vehicle, drugs, possession of presumed stolen property. Not only do they have to spend time doing statements, but then they also spend many days in court on the various cases. Their good work has led to numerous convictions.

Tracking spoor and finding cut fences

Our appreciation to the SAPS members and detectives with whom there is a close working relationship.

SRT members also patrol the greenbelt and forest areas, and have participated in Mountain Walks with SAPS and neighbourhood watch members –

Walking the mountain

One of their projects has been the implementation of our own Constantia Watch trailing dog. With some of the dog’s costs sponsored by Klein Constantia Wine Estate, he is fondly named KC. He is continually undergoing intensive training on patrols, trailing suspects via scent, bite work and protection. Our SRT members have also undertaken various Dog Handling Courses.

Compliments of the season to all – thank you to our valued contributors
KC enjoying some wet down time during a crime prevention patrol
Enjoying a well deserved break

Thankyou Butlers for keeping our SRT members and controllers topped up from time to time