Constantia Watch SRT do Clean Up

Over the past 2 days Constantia Watch SRT members embarked on a clean-up campaign at the 3 homeless sleeping sites on the M3 triangle between the Alphen on/off ramps as well as the other side of the M3.

They provided the homeless persons with refuse bags donated by Constantia Village and ensured that those living there cleaned up their unfortunate unhygienic conditions.

This was reported to City for Solid Waste to come and uplift, however we were told that they have a 21 day turn around period. (Constantia main to M3 direction Muizenberg ref 1001489642; M3 direction town onto Constantia Main ref 1001489643)

Not wanting to leave the bags in the open where they could be broken open etc., Constantia Watch SRT members uplifted the filled bags. These were placed at a central point for the usual Friday refuse collection truck to collect.

A total of 64 bags were filled and collected along with larger boxes and items to be discarded.

Thanks to our star SRT members. We appreciate that your usual work is that of security, not hygiene or refuse collectors. However we also know that dealing with this sort of stuff assists to reduce crime, and puts pressure on locations which generate crime.