Load shedding has always caused issues for the Constantia Community Police Sub-Forum, (Constantia Watch), offices and CVIC – the community control room. This control room is where the extensive radio network is operated from, as well as the LPR (licence plate recognition) and other cameras.

Up to now we have relied on 2 generators and the fuel cost to run them, keeping the basic equipment up and running. This required SRT members and controllers to always be aware of load shedding schedules, ensure enough fuel, start the generators, switch over supply, then reverse the procedure at the end.

After months of investigations, planning, checking electrical loads and more, the committee decided to install inverters and batteries that would be able to power the whole building and control room during load shedding with automatic switch over.

This has now been done, with 2 x 8KW Inverters and 6 x 100Ah Lithium Iron batteries at a cost of over R250,000.00 to keep ALL the lights on and CVIC running to full capacity.

“This is a game changer for us, and ensures that the control room that monitors and assists with our general community safety, coordinating reports of crime, missing persons, suspicious activities, faulty street lights, water leaks and more stays on at all times. Load shedding is here to stay for some years, and we cannot thank enough our voluntary contributing members to Constantia and Nova Constantia Watch, without whom this would not have been possible. So now even during load shedding, our members can call CVIC 086 000 2669 and have them deal with matters via various responders” says Chris Piggott the volunteer committee member heading up Technical matters.

“In closing, our next step is to now work towards Phase 2 of this project, the installation of solar panels”, said Chris.


Chris Piggott –