Combat Helicopter assists SAPS, Security and NW patrollers

On Friday afternoon 18th May 2018, a High Visibility operation was held in the SAPS Diepriver precinct. The purpose was to set the tone in highlighting to any persons with criminal intent that their type of intended actions would not be tolerated.

Plumstead, Southfield Neighbourhood Watch Patrollers and security companies were given a briefing by their SAPS Diepriver Sector Commanders, namely Cst Marais and Cst Ray, of where concentration was to be done ensuring high visibility. This was to deter business robberies, street robberies and house burglaries. patrols took place through Plumstead, Southfield, Diepriver, Meadowridge, Constantia and surrounds.

At 14h00 the team was joined by a helicopter from Airborne Tactical Services. This chopper flew for  some time above the patrolling teams offering air support and a bird’s eye view of the area.

Collectively we would like to express our thanks to Combat Force Security who funded the costs of the chopper flight by way of their contribution to the fight against crime. They also provided specific radios enabling SAPS ground forces to have direct communication with the chopper pilot.

As far as we know almost no incidents of crime were reported during the period of the operation, other than a street robbery. In this instance a clear description of both suspects was provided, and after a search, foot chase across the railway line and then sprints down various streets, the 2 suspects were apprehended. Whist they were being chased on foot by our fit and energetic sector commanders, location and direction was relayed by them over the community radio. This enabled other responders, including Combat Security response officers, the ability to cut off their flight path and apprehend the fleeing suspects.

During this same afternoon a motor vehicle listed as stolen triggered LPR systems – it was found by security and patrollers in Main Road Plumstead. It was stopped, recovered and occupants taken to the CSC by SAPS Diepriver members.

In closing, a great operation, minimal crime reported, and the noise and visibility of the helicopter sponsored by Combat Force definitely went a long way to assisting to curb crime.

Any businesses that wish to assist in providing sponsorship and buying hours of flight time for the helicopter for use in our valley in support of SAPS, security and patrollers, please email