Child Protection Week

10th June 2018
Child Protection Week

Western Cape: Diep River SAPS in conjunction with the Diep River Community Police Forum (CPF) held Child Protection Awareness Campaign that ran from the 27th May to 3rd June 2018.

The main focus of the drive was to bring awareness to the community of child abuse and that we need to protect our children from such abuse. To show one’s support against child abuse, each person had to wear a green ribbon pinned onto their shirt. A raffle was also held in order to raise funds for Diep River SAPS Trauma Unit at a local shopping center in Gabriel Road, Plumstead by SAPS and CPF as this unit deals on a daily basis with victims of crime, especially of those of women and children. There was a positive vibe about Diep River SAPS and CPF mixing with the public, chatting to them about why they were given a green ribbon and what the Trauma room offers. The drive was very successful and well-received from the community. We would like to thank all those who helped to support child awareness protection week. Proceeds made from Child Protection week were donated to Diep River SAPS Trauma Unit and Badisa in Wynberg – a Child Protection Organisation.

Diep River SAPS Trauma Unit Services

For those who do not know, Diep River Police Station has its very own Trauma Unit – available to all. Below is some need-to-know information about the services available to you should you have fallen as a victim of violence and/or crime.

What is the Diep River SAPS Trauma Unit?
The Trauma Unit consists of volunteer counsellors who have been specifically trained in Trauma Debriefing. Counselling and support is given to those of victims of violence and crime.

Why should trauma debriefing be considered?
Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic incident can leave us feeling helpless, finding it difficult to cope and suffering from a wide range of cognitive, emotional and physiological symptoms.
Trauma debriefing after an event can help to minimise the long-term effects of trauma and assist in the prevention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Who do we debrief?
We offer debriefing to both adults and children by appointment and/or on traumatic scenes of violence and/or crime.

When and how?
Ideally, trauma debriefing should take place within 24 to 72hrs after the event or as soon as possible thereafter.

These services are available to all those who have fallen victim to crime and/or violence and can be requested at any time.
It is never too late!!
Is there a cost-fee involved?
There are NO fees or costs involved.
All service are offered freely and in partnership with Diep River SAPS.

Who to call?
You may contact Diep River SAPS on 021 710 7300 (switchboard) or directly to Trauma Room on 021 710 7342.

Help is out there! Break the silence on abuse!