Cecilia Forest Incident 19/9

To ALL of our Wonderful Responders in the Valley

We are relieved to report that the incident called in to CVIC of a young girl being pulled into the Cecelia forest area above Southern Cross Drive yesterday just after 2pm was NOT as reported in by the caring person driving by, and turned out the be a father and daughter going for a walk .

What proved  to be OUTSTANDING was the joint response of approximately 100 volunteer Crimewatch patrollers from ALL 10 Crimewatches in the Valley, SAPS Wynberg OPS, SAPS Airwing helicopter, TMNP Rangers with their dog unit and Security Service Providers. Everyone threw themselves at the search and it was jointly co-ordinated by CVIC and SAPS Wynberg Control.

We are truly privileged to live in a Valley that stands together – so cohesively bound through the mediums of our Community radio, Whatsapp groups etc – ensuring a passionate rapid deployment of people for a common goal.

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou