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Advice for owners of camera systems

Do you have camera systems at your residence or business? If so please take note of the following advice:

  • Camera recordings of a reasonable quality can provide vital information in tracking down criminals and evidence to ensure their conviction, particularly those that provide an overview of the street outside the property. Better still is a camera with quality that can identify a person’s face.
  • Eskom Load shedding can impact camera recordings and settings on the DVR, unless adequately protected by a UPS.
  • Residents need to make sure that their camera installation actually records to a DVR and is capable of remote access in the event that they subscribe to such a service.
  • All camera recordings should be stored off site.
  • Training by installers must ensure that residents are able to review and/or secure footage as may be required.
  • Ensure you know your DVR password. After a burglary time is critical and fast review and the speed at which one can provide useful intelligence is paramount to solving the case quickly.
  • Check your DVR time weekly and ensure it is synchronised to internet time.
  • After load shedding the integrity of the camera, recording and monitoring systems must be tested to ensure that it still operates per specification.
  • Clean camera lenses and focus at least once a month.