A few 2020 Highlights from Premier Security

After a lengthy man-hunt this morning along with the extraordinary SAPS members at Kirstenhof SAPS, we managed to recover the stolen Bicycle from Tokai and made arrests with regards to this case. Thank you to SAPS and all other role players.
Business break-in and theft. One of our superstars Officer Richman spotted these two characters inside of a business property during the early hours of this morning and after a short chase he managed to stop them and question them. He then ascertained that they had broken into a local Pet store in Tokai. Once SAPS arrived it was also discovered that the suspects are wanted in connection to multiple other break-ins within the area. Thank you to the backup that was received by our other Armed Response officers and thank you to SAPS
In the early hours of this morning, a local vehicle dealership that we monitor was a victim to theft outside. We gathered footage and information and with the assistance of SAPS, went on a manhunt to find the culprit. This morning, we found him and he will now get free board and lodging at one of our finest Police stations in the Western Cape.