A few 2020 Highlights from Constantia Watch SRT

Our K9 Belgian Malinois KC, named after Klein Constantia Wine Estate who sponsor most of his costs,  has been directly involved with 8 of the 17 arrests conducted by SRT members so far this year.

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Alphonso Close burglary arrest


Cleaning up the area:


and more clean ups done HERE

Hijacked vehicle recovered – suspects arrested and firearms found –


SRT and KC conduct mountain patrols


SRT assisting with disaster management



09h40 – suspicious persons seen on the Orangekloof Trail, Houtbay heading towards Constantia. Info and CCTV footage relayed to SRT members. Later at approx. 18h40 on the Old Rhodes Drive Jeep Track, whilst on patrol, SRT member spotted the same alleged suspects with heavy backpacks walking towards Arts in the Forrest – he called for backup and as he approached the suspects they fled back into the bushes. SRT proceeded to follow with K9 KC and found some suspected stolen goods. The rest of Constantia Watch Ops Team arrived on scene and SRT started tracking suspects with KC from the scent of the suspected stolen goods.

The first suspect was caught on Houtbay Road towards Houtbay by Diepriver SAPS. Approx. 19h04 the second suspect was sniffed out by CW K9 KC and detained with suspected stolen goods. Approx. 19h15 K9 KC sniffed out the third suspect in the Nature Reserve between Orangekloof and Constantia.

All three suspects were arrested and taken to Wynberg SAPS for further investigation. Items recovered included 2 Samsung TV’s, Three Six Packs Grapetizer, Tools and a security camera, as well as several burglary implements.

Stolen goods found in the boot of serial shop lifters

found in vehicle