Community Alliances Light a Beacon of Hope

Over the past few days, amid the festive hustle, the alliance between Southfield NW, Meadows Community Watch, Security Service Providers, SAPS and other community based organisations, stands as a beacon of community strength. The shared enthusiasm and gratitude echo louder than sirens. It’s not just about patrolling, but the connections forged during those moments of “meet and greet” that build a foundation of trust.

Many thanks to Southfield Eyes NPO and Southfield Civic Association that arranged the Christmas Hampers and Party Packs for Victoria Lodge Community. We were able to bring Christmas joy to the families and kids living there.

Thanks to our Community for the generous donations. Your support for and during our high visibility operations makes a meaningful difference in our community. The donors’ generosity in providing snacks and beverages during operations becomes a gesture of communal care.

May our projects and high visibility operations illuminate the path to a joyful and secure festive season for everyone in our community.

Keep the spirit alive!

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