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Home security systems are valuable ways of protecting yourself and your loved ones from crime and criminals. They play a vital role in your safety and require regular checks and ongoing maintenance.    This mid-way point in the year is perhaps an ideal opportunity to see what aspects of the security measures you have installed may need to be fixed. Who knows, there might even be cheaper and more effective options that have become available since the day you first installed the system. 

Recent extreme weather in parts of the country – such as heavy rains and snow around the country – may make this focus on maintenance and testing, even more critical. The rain and wind might have damaged any elements that are outside and exposed to inclement weather conditions. The best approach is to approach your residential property from the outside perimeter and then work towards the main building.

Pay attention to the following:

Have any bushes or trees grown to now obscure your outside alarm sensors, or are there branches leaning on your electric fence?

Test the locking mechanisms for any outside doors and gates, and make sure your gate motor’s battery is tested too. If you have a sliding gate, remove any loose objects that may block the gate’s free movement.

Are there any loose objects scattered around the lawn that could be used to gain access to your house, such as brooms or other gardening tools? Rather store these away.

Test the alarm system itself. Does it pick up any movement in front of indoor or outdoor sensors?

Does it activate when you open any of the doors or windows with sensors, and does the battery still work properly?

When last have you asked us to test the system to check alarm signals are being received?

If you use a CCTV system, then you should check that the cameras still point in the direction they are supposed to so that they offer the monitoring you are depending on.

These easy and quick tests can give you a sense of confidence that your system is ready when you need it in any kind of emergency. If you have any questions, make contact with us so that we can send a technician to evaluate any concerns you may have.  

Yours in safety,   Fidelity ADT

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